"The Arizona Mandala Band" Gem and Jam 2020 art piece

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Hello and Happy Monday!
As I prepared for my first live paint of 2020; at Gem and Jam in Arizona, I decided last minute on a whim to start and end a piece in just under 2 weeks!! I might have been crazy, but I accomplished it!! This is my fastest piece made to date (I still spent about 130 hours on it, just all crunched into 2 weeks). I am super proud of myself that I was able to do it!
It all started with Gem and Jam requiring all artists to start and end a piece at the festival and then it goes up for auction Sunday at the fest and the proceeds go to a charity of their choice. I had never done this before(finished a painting at the polished level I usually do in 3 days), and I started sketching out a piece to prepare and ended up loving it so much I decided to finish it BEFORE the Jam and start a different piece there. Time was stretched so thin, but I made it!! YAY!

I give you "The Arizona Mandala Band" 20in x 20in on stretched canvas. All animals in the piece are native to Arizona. I had never heard of a Gila Monster before researching my piece! (then again, I know people who have never heard of Norwhal's either lol so we are all always learning new things everyday.)
I thought it would be magical to make them all singing or playing instruments :) and thus the band was born. (yes some are blowing bubbles, but they are SONG bubbles!!)

My Gem and Jam piece I do there will be a spin off of the piece I just completed, so they will kinda go together in a way :)
When I return from my trip (I leave today to start my 2 day trek so I may not be commenting on this..), I will make a post sharing my festival adventure and share with you my sister piece to this one!
Enjoy your week steamians!!



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Looks so beautiful and colourful, i like crystals so much:) Have fun at the festival:)

I am fascinated by crystals as well. Thank you very much I appreciate it.

Powerful artwork for jam and jem.
I am also working on a new painting after not painting for almost a year.

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Thanks. That is great to hear you have gotten back into painting. The more art in this world the better :)

Hi breelikeatree,

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Excellent work you did, I loved the colorfulness that makes the work very happy and beautiful, the design of these animals from your country, are spectacular. I congratulate you for your good art and curie vote. Greetings

Thank you so much. I am very drawn to rich and robust colors. Take care!

This artwork is very nice! It's fascinating that you were inspired by Arizona animals, that says a lot about your sensitivity. I'll wait for the details of the Festival and the "sister piece". A big hello @breelikeatree

Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot. And I will most definitely create another post with all the 'goodies' when I return ;)

@breelikeatree, After watching this Artistic Piece i can say that your Imagination is flowing in whole new Artistic Universe 🌌. Stay blessed.

:) Thank you I am very pleased to hear that. I try to craft all sorts of unique worlds in my artwork.

Welcome and great to know that. Have a pleasant time ahead. 🙂

Excellent work, very original and creative, you can see the symmetry and passion of these animals in your country, a work is very new. I congratulate you very beautiful and for your vote curie

beautiful colors, great imagination and love for animals !! congratulations on your work