The Wonderful World of Fruit-i-verse

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Sometimes a painting is planned from sketch down to finished product, and sometimes it magically appears as you paint it without a thought to what's coming out of your brush. Then there are times when a painting starts as one thing, and continues to change and change never seeming right; until it ends up something different all together.

A piece I started last summer of 2018 and finally finished this summer to my delight, a year later, took quite the journey from starting out to its final product. What started as a cloud elephant spouting out the world from his trunk; slowly became the delicious world of fruit-i-verse that you see here today.

Out painting at a festival, I just couldn't seem to figure out the composition and feel for the piece, as I started to cover up and change the elephant and its surroundings, it appeared to be more then it was. As I hacked away at the changes and laughed with friends at the audacity of a fruity world; Fruit-i-verse was born!

Where fish men ride banana boats while catting for purrr-maids in the Kool-aid Ocean(because you cannot fish, when you ARE a fish!). Peanut Butter Jellyfish ride the water clouds with joy; squishing their jelly tentacles together to get ahead. Orangus shines next to the Lemosun that lights the world. Everyone is joyous with a full belly of laughs.

...Hungry yet?

This piece was the start of the fruit-i-verse joy I have begun to share with everyone, but it is not the last. I have a couple pieces in the works now that have started to depict more of this tasty universe of candy color and fruity fun. I look forward to showing you more as they develop.

"Fruit-i-verse" 2019 24x36 Acrylic on Canvas
(this piece is an original of my own imagination)

**Can you find my Mario easter egg?! ;) ***

Scroll to see the artworks journey::



Screen Shot 20181210 at 11.01.07 AM.png




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thanks for the support and splat! ;)

This piece is just incredible @breelikeatree, I’m surprised it isn’t gaining a lot more traction. Thank you for sharing this one—amazing. You see this, @splatz?

Hot Dang!! Thanks for the call out homie!!

thank you!! <3

You’re very welcome.

It looks indeed like a fruit world, so surreal and colourful:) The cat mermaid is my favourite detail:)

thank you, I do love my color! Its meowgical! ;)

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Love it! So creative, surreal and scrumptious. Mmmm Peanut Butter Jellyfish


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thanks for the support and re-steem! :) yummm!

thank you so much for the feature and support of my art! <3

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