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Batik is both an art and a craft, it's well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this way using wax and dye has been practiced for centuries. I call this design "mind of art". Creativity is of great importance in art, craft and music.

Talking about my design called "mind of art", I got this inspiration from the idea of creating a 2- colour batik design using secondary colours only as against the rules guiding 2-colour batik designs. One of the most important rules is to dye a 2- colour batik design in a primary coloured dye solution ( red, blue, and yellow) first and then dip in a secondary coloured dye solution ( purple, orange and green) thereafter drawing your blocking patterns on the primary colour- dyed fabric.

The major tools used in batik designs are: stove, foam, wax, pot, scrapper, kerosine, tape rule, gloves, table and chair.

Here's a breakdown of how I got my design done perfectly:

  • I got a white 5- yard fabric (100% cotton) which I dipped and washed in cold water to remove the starch. Thereafter, I spread the fabric on the field grass to dry in my workshop.

  • I lighted my stove, cut the wax into the pot and put the pot on the stove until the wax melted completely. The pot was kept right there on the stove to keep the wax in liquid form because wax solidify on cooling.

  • I spread the dried fabric on the table and ensured my fabric was very flat on the table for effective drawing using my hands. I drew several 10 X 10 boxes on the fabric using the foam and melted wax. I drew a light pattern on the first box omitting the next box for another light pattern. I continued with the pattern omitting a box a each light pattern repeatedly.

  • After drawing the light patterns, i dipped the fabric in hot purple dye solution prepared using sulphite, hot water,purple dye and soda using gloves. Then I spread the dyed fabric under a shade for air drying.

  • I spread the air dried fabric on the table and drew the second design (blocking patterns) in the empty boxes on the dyed-fabric. Then I dipped the dyed-fabric in hot green dye solution thus creating a special 2-colour batik design.

  • Finally, I spread the dyed-fabric in the sun for some minutes and after that, i rinsed it gently in cold water without cracking of the wax design on the 2-colour dyed fabric. Then I dipped the dyed fabric in hot water for de-waxing thus removing all waxes from the dyed- fabric. The dyed- fabric was then transferred into cold water for proper rinsing and washing to remove excess dye on the fabric and then sun-dried and ironed properly.

You can place your order here for any of my batik designs. I will be glad to make you beautiful batik designs.
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