High Expectations: A bronzed resin sculpture on the subject of education and potential of our children

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Although I left the United States and the city of Joliet, Illinois in 1975, and went to live in France, I often returned to do art work there for our association Friends of Community Public Art. This piece, ironically, was for the junior high school I attended as a young girl.

We decided to represent 3 children from the basic ethnic groups found in the school: European, African American, and Hispanic. I found three good models and brought them to the studio to pose. Here is Jamie, the most patient of the three:highJamie and ks.jpg

The little Hispanic girl looks very sad. I found out that she had serious problems at home and plenty to worry about. I wonder what the the three of them think now when they drive past their old junior high and see themselves there.

Here is the piece foundry ready:

And here are a couple of shots of the finished piece in front of the school:



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What interesting projects you get to work on!

I was so lucky to always find public art work to do.

Very beautiful project and sculpture. I like their faces expression.

Thank you. Portraiture is so interesting, and watching a likeness emerge in clay is fascinating.

Very nice sculptures. It must be difficult to do .)

Yes, very challenging. But very exciting too! Thank you.

I often wondered about that, you living in France and sculptures created for the US. Of course, you travel there, makes sense. But how long does it take you on average? Are you there just for the clay model and then someone else takes care of the casting?

We work with two companies. One does lost wax bronze casting, the other does resin. I do the prototypes and drop them off at the foundry. It takes 2-3 months of full time work for me to make a sculpture.

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I sort of wondered about your sculptures in the US, since you live in Paris. So that makes sense, you go there. How long would it take? These are quite involved projects.

This is so beautiful, and the children's faces are so expressive! I love it!

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