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this Day
He was driving his car drivers not passed Mission Office
Call to go and you have to drive a car
The driver was sent to

There is a cold world office
I fell under the front of the office
I sat waiting

The issue comes out
Car driving school တော့်
တံတားဖြူ Maw
Save Peter

He even put your seat belts
The police

The licensing of the
I've sent out
Helps ensure end
Be sure to look carefully

The belt does not


He did not order a Greece

I is a glorious seat belts

I asked the teacher

The belt must belts
What if

The police say that the pen
And head of the fish out of the bag
Lets out a ton leaves prison

His teacher gave န့် five thousand tonnes
Take it

The rest of his dedicated


I do not donate

The big question

The belt around 3 thousand teachers

Oh, Aye Aye 2 သောင်းခွဲ laymen dedicated
Ice သာဓုပါဗျာ သာဓုပါ

Therefore your car
She had been driving

Whatever gift devil duck
I write to imitate

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