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I got fired once (well, ok many times.. ;-) for speaking out a bit too much in my critic of programmers, and how the IPO had been offered to lower employees (!), at an early technical publishing company, challenging Microsoft Word. This was early in the PC era, and it was led by a great guy (he tried to climb Everest several times, had always failed, for various technical reasons). He trained for it constantly.

A brilliant man; I really liked him. He was non-judmental and very encouraging. He helped me start off my career in computer science and user interface design. I was fired by a lower engineering manager after he had taken over for the person that actually hired me; he didn't like me, I was gone. I was walking out of the building with a friend I had helped get hired there, with a box of desk contents in my hands, and here comes the founder of the company back from lunch. He was friendly as he passed by my friend and I several years younger. He said hello, and I said "Thank you for the opportunity" in a proud voice; as that is why I had moved to San Jose, to work in the software field with people like him.

People that could take on the giants.


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For most of my life, I looked over how do I attract, opportunity?

Moving to the city, has always been, the traditional way to do so. But this has so many problems, too many people in 1 place, and too many problems for 1 small little area of the planet, and artificial means needed to deal with such so that everyone does not die of diseases.

But I think the internet was the first real way, once available to everyone, we could start to distribute ourselves around the lands and still connect, and use the cities as a place to meetup. Thus, we now have a new internet of value, and v3 internet, and we can use it to both communicate, and transfer value. Over time this will become the norm, the standard and much less controlled by dictactors, much more the santictity of the soul and individual free will. You more than most, know I am right, you know this will happen, you can't talk me out of it and it will be up to you to demonstrate to others, the joys, pitfalls and contentment we can all have, growing faster as human beings.

I have read in the next 7 years, we will onboard the next 5 BIL internet users. This boggles the mind, since it took 20 years to achieve boarding the first 2 BIL.

But we have 7 BIL and that means most everyone on the planet, will be on the internet of value, in the next 7 years. And this will be an amazing time of great upheaval and prosperity.

Solar power makes phones, cars, data, electricity, almost free.

Phones will be free, just because there is so much utility and they are so inexpensive to make. $20 phones will be the norm for many but they are free, if you use them. Data is free.

Electricity and transportation, can be free. Electric cars run on solar power, and we simply harvest that which is all around us. But at the same time, no more jobs for most.

Robots do it better. Drive cars, even your doctor can be a robot.

That's just a taste of it. But keep in mind, it will take another generation before it becomes accepted as normal. Those that know it's coming? Will benefit the most and can help others.

This really changes what? What it means to be a human being. It changes the motivations invovled in daily living. It makes it much more possible to be creative and not worry about rent and lunch. And how will I get my kids to school. But also, it will make it necessary to change our fundamental human values about what is the meaning of life. Writing songs, music, art can become much more the norm in my view. Spending time with our friends, and having sex, making love and writing poetry shoudl be where we put ourselves in my view.

I always wanted to learn guitar, or how to build a birdhouse. Teach my kids to sing, or take longer baths?

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This is a glimpse into the future. It will be amazing and interesting when we eventually get there. Thanks for the inspiring post.

I am still excited for wafrica and artzone tribes only 1000 - 2000 ENg for each to eb created, i am gonna make oine for SAND San Diego City token

also EOS Ghana and EOS Nigeria will be fun to help build on steem, EOS nigeria already created but EOS ghana can still be created by @mcsamm [email protected] as no one seems to have claimed it yet!

We surely will work at it soon. Thanks for this @ackza

Definitely changes what it is to be a human being, sometimes I believe some things should really be left unchanged @surfyogi because in the barest of minimum it's like a preservance and preservations of the things we love to do.

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But keep in mind, it will take another generation before it becomes accepted as normal.

It always bums me a bit when I'm reminded of that, but am relieved as fast when I realize I'm one of the few to have already seen what's happening. I for one am looking forward to seeing what the next era brings us and the new types of arts that will be birthed as a result of these new technologies.

The more we see the internet as a real estate, the easier it will be for us to understand how and what to build in the space. The earlier one understand this, the earlier one can enjoy from the fruit of the internet ecosystem.

Creative artwork is the beauty of artzone. Thanks Jeff

The internet is here to disrupt a lot of things.

Creative artwork is the future and the way to go.

Creativity is the benchmark of the new world we’re creating for ourselves. Art will be one of the forces in that world.

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Life certainly will be different and we need to figure out how to have self- worth that is not attached to a paycheck amount...

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There is more to come.... imagine the internet in 20 years....

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