Part 1 My art #4 : Mankind on the Move (Mixed Media original Artwork) / Part 2 Me and my work

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Hello fellow Steemians this is Themat-OOG,

Here for once I didn't make a free flowing art work. I played with an idea I had in my head and this, although rudimentary is what came out. The refinement of my art will come over the years. Then again, even simple drawings can convey the same message a very refined artwork may have. Every pair of eyes sees its own message, because of the different wiring's in each of our heads. This art happens to be one I had. So I'll leave your wiring's to do what they do best.


In life there is more than just art so I'll make this post slightly more of myself (twofold). I want to write about me and my work and the experiences that lead me to wanting to write about it. I work on a quite small camping, for the one I worked at prior was much larger. The bigger they get, the more stress you are likely to have in the summer, right? Is that really true though, or does it also depend on you? I'll just leave for this one all the stress I had on the bigger camping out of the picture. We all know stress in one way or another. Stress that others have and thus you also somehow take on. Like the stressful vibrations spread among everyone present. As long as you ain't the stressing one all is fine. We though always somehow dislike those that create stress. It just ain't pleasant. I have met extreme representations of that already. Those people leave a dent on your life, you are likely not going to forget. That is probably for the best, as they can become the shining beacon of remembrance of what you don't want to be like.

It is very simple to stress, by wanting to have everything just the right way, which is already itself quite a neverending quest without much sweetness. Since neither you and anyone else will ever be able to fill that spot,
you STRESS yourself and the others. Quite funnily though, the one I work for, perfectly understands that and says whatever you can't do today, you do tomorrow, it just was my own mind that somehow didn't want to listen to them, and even further correct all their seeming mistakes...
Since though perfection is what you have in mind, not letting the other guests wait too long and many other 'good reasons', you'll just not notice how you suddenly have become the source of stress. I call myself guilty on that, I did though slowly catch myself red handed. By going for perfection only, my actual work became less good too. The quality slowly drowned in there, although I saw myself as doing everything right.

I needed to train beginning people in the snack, where I work in, part of the day, and they of course needed to be on par with what I already am able to do, instead of giving them the chance to develop themselves. In their own right and strength, they may even shine more than you can assume in your own self-deluded way :)

So with the unexpected beauty of people you don't expect much from, I'll end this little dialogue.

Have a go and get crazy on the white of paper.

I can't wait to meet YOU and get together with all of you beautiful humans on here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, remarks about my art or just want to have a small discussion. I'll try to help at the best of my ability.

Your's Truly:

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Every pair of eyes sees it's own message, because of the different wiring's in each of our heads.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

Thanks, like this, the small eco system of giving you something to do, is fully rounded.