The INNER CHILD, My art #5 : Cleansing Fire Ritual (Coloured Pencils Original Artwork) [Elemental Powers]

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Hello fellow Steemians this is Themat-OOG,


Here is another example where I had a certain idea I wanted to bring on paper, a cleansing ritual by one of the more beautiful enlivening forces of nature, to which I myself feel quite a connection, that goes deeper than the mere eye can see. It might be magical, the way fire reacts to me, like many other elemental forces of nature (water, fire, earth and air). They all can be 'manipulated' if such is the word, by my will. Not as in calling in a fire storm or a water deluge from heavens. Small things, yet not inconspicuous. Here I'll give some examples, as with everything I say, you'll have to make your own investigations whether you want to see something in my words or not, for this is strictly my own experience, and as so far as I can see, I haven't found out much about this yet either. I just have my experiences, which is probably for the best, not to be too theoretical about it all and just live it my way.

1) Water for one can be enlivened, made more thick in substance if you will. In comparison, untreated water would seem like flimsy stuff compared to the more thick almost oily water after treatment. ( I have tested this with other people, who also noticed a change in water). As to how this treated water then acts in my body and or plants that come into contact with it, I just have no clue. I do not know whether this is completely positive for me or not, the treating of water. Here is to the mysteries of life. Might be referenced as making water to wine, I just suppose you needn't be Jesus to do stuff like that. As is claimed with Reiki, by those that teach this kind of stuff, everybody can do this, I somehow feel it has a relation to that, this water cleansing 'thing'.
If any of you know anything further that is possible with water or have had the same kind of experience, please come in touch with me, I am very interested to hear your experiences.

2) Earth would be to me closely related to green thumbs. If you want to get deeper into this topic, I really can only press one book into your hands. That is far more knowledgeable on this part as I am, and will go much deeper into the topic. I only notice that some plants seem to have a nice connection to me, and some might even have killed themselves, because I mistreated them too badly, in my learning steps as a gardener. I only have intuitive working with plants and the little bits from the internet that did offer helpful information and my 'mistakes' that made the plants better in the long run, like the breaking of a plant stem.


For you non readers, here is a Youtube link to the movie about the book:

If you know any other examples closely related to earth and her mysteries, Tell me.

3) Fire is still mysterious in how it relates to me. My niece when she was young, with her attention could dim the flame of a candle or make it more bright, later on through the passing years of her youth, this quickly vanished again. For me I see how the Fire flares up in the hearth, during strong emotional outbursts (That's all I'll be able to tell assuredly) So for all you kids, you keep hidden inside all those marvellous things you could do, I'll leave a small spell:

Open up that portal back to where you were as a child.
Crack the seal.
Burn the lid.
Bring out what you keep hidden.
In these here words I'll rip open portals that connect you back to your essence, for you to do the slow steps back yourself, I can't make them for you.
Nothing further special to a child's mind, may now be wondrous nature of man.
Child's way of dealing with the unknown, embrace me again, I fell love closely related to you.
I feel embraced by what I may have feared for so long, with my radical, spotless mind.
Walk on out in the open, laugh and gaze without expectation back at what you once were able to do.
Let the magic out again.
By these here words, I only show you, you might be sitting in your own cage.

4) Now all that's left is air. To this I can only say something that is closely related to how water works for me. With a certain attention I can bring out more particles, that enliven and give more energy as just breathing air without attention. Information regarding to this (The only book I know of, that speaks of this:

'In search of the miraculous' by P. D. Ouspensky, and thus very closely related would be G. I. Gurdjieff his teacher if you will, whom is the author of 'All and Everything' and all subsequent books. These two still live within me and speak the most to me of the books read, about life and everything in it. If you have read their books, you will be able to understand what the author of this website means when he writes all that, if not, just ignore this link, it will be completely useless to you. I also won't fully myself agree to everything in this article, having read these books myself, some of their changes they think are better or not, are just pointless to me and will teach them nothing new, as it's all in the experience of life itself.

Have a go and get crazy on the white of paper.

I can't wait to meet YOU and get together with all of you beautiful humans on here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, remarks about my art or just want to have a small discussion. I'll try to help at the best of my ability.

Your's Truly:

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cool picture. I haven't drawn anything in years

Thank you very much, then how about for a challenge decreasing those years to this day? :)