The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                   Digital art made by @xpilar  

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What an amazing work you archive with digital art... Like the look, seem peaceful as I thought it would.

Some years ago, a skippers want to embark on his clamping business as usual with his group/team mate. Having clamp several many ice mountains successful, he became popular with his group, one day him and team decided to hike a very high mountain of about thousands (1000-5000km) they seek the assistance of weather forecasting service to know how would the weather looks like before keep going, well weather forecasting service team told him the weather will be nice, their journey started after few hours of feedback from weather forecasts service,but that day suddenly turned scary and treacherous for him and the team as they were going they met cloudy, thunder and unexpected things on their way! When they get to the peak of the ice mountains it was very terrific for them, ice mountains breaks down, it was a very hellish experience they went through on that day, rocks which they thought might be hope for them disappointed them as the ice breaking extended on the rocks which makes rocks slippery, many of the team mate to this famous skipper thought that is the last day of their lives, but luckily Mr famous skipper phone calls was through successful to rescue team, and they came around with helicopter and rescue them. Glad none of them lost his or her life on this tragic day.

Thanks for share your great digital video art with us!!

Hi @davidad

Thank you for your thoughts and description

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar

It is not so far till we again will have so much snow around her in Scotland and I believe the mountains in Norway too. I believe your digital painting was influenced after seeing the beautiful Alps in the post of @englishtchrivy. it is amazing and I love the fact that some mountains even in summer covered by snow. I have not been in summer high up but people say that during the day you can even wear T-short and shorts but once sun is gone it is freezing cold.

Seeing your painting it reminds me a covered by snow planet in "Star Wars", clear beautiful purple-blue sky but even when sun shines snow does not melt. Good choice of cold colors and I like the shadow side of the snow hills. Wish you a nice weekend, @xpilar :)

The beautiful Alps in the post of @englishtchrivy, hehe you are absolutely right.

Nice to notice the shadows on the snow hills

Nice weekend to you too

Daniel is a child who spent hours playing video games in his room, one day while touring a mall with his mother asked him to buy a game he saw in a showcase called "Infinite Snow"
When arriving at his house without hesitating he ran to his room to try the new videogame, when taking control something strange happened ... He was transported to the game.
The poor boy cried disconsolately, but he could not do anything but fight to get out of the game.

Here he is walking through the snow, under this cold sky, looking to get out of the game...
to be continue.

Hi @jdbs

thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

My imagination seeing this picture is:

A person who accumulates good for good throughout his life will be like a parable of a snow mountain. Snow is likened to goodness.
As time goes by, snow piles will change as the conditions around them. Likewise when compared to humans. Stacked goodness can be broken, cracked and uneven as it was when it began to be interrupted by greed, jealousy and selfishness in itself.

The picture of the ice mountains above seems to tell how a goodness will be eroded by evil when the surrounding environment is inadequate.

Everyone can be wrong, but covering it up quickly by promising not to repeat is the best thing. like snow trying to cover parts of the mountains so they don't look bad.

@ammachemist from Surabaya-Indonesia

Hi @ammachemist

Thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

Well @xpilar here is my review about this awesome Art.

Huge peaks of the glaciers are completely covered with the powerful and thick snow. With half closing eyes it seems that angels are coming down from the blue sky too. Sun is trying to melt the snow with it's powerful rays :)

Hi @salmanbukhari54

Thank you for your thoughts and description

wuao is a great art seems the ice-covered north pole looks fantastic under a radiant sky that is reflected in it, it is amazing

Thank you for your thoughts and description @glorimarbolivar

Seems like it could be the setting of the next Star Wars movie. Well guys... going to Hoth (pretty sure that was the name)! Lol. Great work!

Nice to hear, thanks @hansenatortravel

You have such a beautiful imagination and you show it in your artistic abilities @xpilar :D

thank you @kryptopie

It's amazing @xpilar.
Looks like a place filled with snow.But this is softer.

thanks @rades

Your image makes me imagine that I fly over the Alps, so white, full of snow and cold. Very creative!

thank you @salmanbukhari54

Looks a natural view right there the imagination is just incredible

thank you @blazing

@xpilar great creation.This picture makes me imagine some place of Antartica continent.Appreciate your creativity.keep sharing.

thank you @rohit786

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Thanks too dear @xpilar

Excellent post good article wonderful art.
i like your post thanks for share
dear @xpilar

thank you @alom23

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okey. thanks

Really looks like a 2000s pc game for some reason.
It feels nostalgic somehow

Nice to hear. thanks @flyingdutchman

awesome friend @xpilar admire your creativity, this look like ice covered mountains is amazing as you see the blue sky with the mountains completely covered with ice I think it's fantastic good work

thank you, it is nice to hear @betaniaj

wow thats sooo cool snowy path or mountains ??

hehe it's your thoughts that count here @hassanabid

good posts about mind imagination

thanks @scottadskin

yes thank you for responding too

This is an interesting contest.. Thank you @xpilar. Have a nice day friend.

Great work. To me, it radiates total purity and virginity. Once again, great Job.

Nice that you like it, thanks @ikarus56

really magical pic. i have alsso great pic you can look my account

thank you @rachiid

Looks very nice. And the post is also very great. The mountain looks amazing

thanks @as-abir

You're most welcome


Hai @xpilar.
extraordinary results of your imagination. good post.
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