The 7 Chakras Myth...

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Countless individuals and groups in the “new age” movement/culture have been operating on the presumption that humans have 7 chakras.

They did. Prior to 1781.

We’ve since mutated to a nine-center design.

(And who knows how many on this planet might be beta-testing what design(s) come next.)

Don’t take my word for it.

The information is all available for you to discover on your own in the body of knowledge enclosed in the system known as Human Design.

And even then, don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Undertake your own experiment.

Or go ahead and continue operating on dogmatically-propagated outdated knowledge. Your choice.


Wise words from a wise mind. As said, thou shall not take anyone's word for it cause when it goes all wrong then you wouldn't blame anyone and if it goes well then you take all the credit.

I do look at the Chakras Myth as a fictional beleive but after some deep research and investigation I am becoming to be more interested in chakras and what it holds for the human race. I will still continue with my research in other to be more educated on this subject matter @rok-sivante

Interesting. I hadn't heard of this 9 chakra design idea or that we have recently evolved to this formation. Very cool. This short article makes me want to learn more about it though. It's funny that you wrote about this subject today because I myself just posted about something related to chakras. Hopefully this doesn't seem like I'm trying to promote my own blog on your post, as that's not my intention. I just think it's a Funny coincidence.
neat post :)

There are way more than nine?

Is that like scientology? Just kidding. Very interesting. I had never guessed that things like this could also evolve as other things do.