And just like that it was a million degrees outside again!

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I really love the Vietnam winter. In the part of the country that I live in it isn't really "winter" in the sense that we imagine it in the west. We will never see snow here in DaNang although in the northern parts of the country, particularly the mountainous areas of Sapa where snow accumulation and very low temperatures (well, relative to the area) are very normal. Here in Danang we are subjected to temps in the mid 50's F (12 degrees C) and for me, this is perfect light jacket and jeans weather.

There were people back then than were complaining about how cold they were all the time and to those people I kept saying "enjoy it while you can, you'll be really wishing for these temperatures in a few months!"

Fast forward to now and it never really drops below 80 degrees and the humidity is just out of control.


The beaches are starting to have a bunch of people at them again even though I thought it was likely warm enough to get into the always warm water basically any time of year, well, maybe not when it is 55 degrees out but you know what I mean.

These days we are dealing with 90 degrees F every day and while that doesn't sound so bad it is the intense humidity that makes this sort of temp almost unbearable, at least for me

The humidity stays more or less the same year round but we tend to not notice it as much when it is a bit chilly outside. These days, just going for a walk to meet some friends a few blocks away from where I live results in me being a sweaty mess by the time I get there and if we are going to an outdoor seating establishment they better have fans on hand because I am not going to be able to tolerate it otherwise.

When I lived in America I wouldn't make much distinction between heat and humidity and would kind of make fun of people that considered that a factor. These days, I am extremely aware of the importance of humidity and the extreme effect it can have on overall ambient temperature.

I recall when I was visiting a friend in Arizona one year many years ago and even though it was near 100 degrees F in the afternoon I was barely sweating and this is because the humidity in most parts of Arizona is around 20 percent, sometimes much less. It took me moving to an extremely humid place like Vietnam to understand that drastic effect that humidity can have on how hot it "feels" when you are outdoors.

This is one aspect of this country that absolutely does NOT appeal to me. It is difficult to do really anything outdoors without feeling like you are going to melt. I want to go exercise for example but every time I go and do so, even if I am in the shade of the tall buildings on the beach, I feel like I am going to pass out from heat exhaustion after just a few km. When I get home I need to take a cold shower and hang out next to a fan or in the air con for quite some time before my body temperature can return to normal. This is a not so great aspect of exercising outdoors here!

after about 3pm a large portion of the beach road and the walkways are in the shade of the buildings

Thankfully, I have one of the rare inexpensive condos that has a window facing the ocean so I get a nice breeze through the window where my "office" is around the clock. Other people that I know do not have this luxury and they have to spend a bunch of money on running the air conditioning basically around the clock.

The crazy thing about this change in seasonal temperature is that it happened so quickly. Two weeks ago we were wearing jeans and some people were still wearing jackets at night. Now I can't ever even wear a full cotton shirt without immediately regretting it and having embarrassing sweat marks in the usual areas.

I am sure the people that are still freezing in March back in their homes would probably like to slap me for complaining about this but man oh man, is it hot. Where is that perfect place in the world with lower humidity and a year round temperature of around 70 degrees F?