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Creating good nation is almost every country's core duty by both it leaders and the citizens that dwells in the various country's. I believe both the leaders and the citizen can both make this a better home without lies and selfish interest. Most countries and their citizens are in a mess because of lack of fair governance's decisions taking by their leaders. Here on the ASK OPPONG SHOW, we sit down with some leaders and people who play huge roles in our country's to digest the thin line between the leaders and the citizens herein.

Not leaving the private life of individuals outstanding but conceded since we tackle both SOCIAL and MORAL ISSUES. Family happens to be the basic stone of which every country builds it power and strength, I believe we cant build a better nation with broken homes, so the ASK OPPONG SHOW has taken upon it self to help build families and restore peace and harmony to individuals and families.


Two heads are better than one, for this reason why the ASK OPPONG SHOW is not happening with my little head alone but with capable support of my fellow steemians like @steemitQa, @whatsup, @battleaxe, @sircork , @nokodemion and so many more as the show goes on their names will be tagged so you can connect to them as well to know what they contain and what they can offer on the steem blockchain.

To have intarctions with myself and that of all the supporting people tagged on this post, kindly join as on steemspeak

steps on how the show will take place are as follows

  1. The show will be filmed and posted here.
  2. Ideas (comments) of fellow steemians will be shared on the topic of the show
  3. Then we will generate the possible solution to the issue.

Hi @emmanueloppong, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @whatsap and @battleax don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @whatsup and @battleaxe ?

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