AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

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In the light of the recent big announcement of SMT's and the huge but understandable hype that occurred around them I wanted to ask this simple question of what kind of token you think you would want to create.

Now before you go ahead and spill out your big secret ideas, of course you should mind those if you believe you might actually create a successful token yourself or are planning on one right now, I'm sure a lot of people are brainstorming currently.

This post is mainly for taking a shot at some random ideas you think SMT's could be good for and to drive discussion and maybe have some eureka moments that we haven't stumbled upon yet, or the discussion might help the readers see things differently and come up with the next million Steem idea. ;)

As in the last AskSteemit post I won't be self-voting this but instead reserve voting power for great and discussion driving comments in the post.

In case you haven't yet heard of SMT's and have just woken up from a deep slumber, here are a few examples from the SMT website: and if you want to read the full whitepaper you can find it here:

The reason I'm creating this post was after I read most of the comments in the 2 posts recently by @ned about SMT's and wanted to keep the ball rolling on the discussion about them.

I personally have been working on a project for the Steem blockchain for a long time now and after having discussed it with Ned and him advising me on waiting for SMT's I am glad to finally be able to read the full whitepaper and idea about them and how I can integrate it into my project! Hope many others of you have gotten that same feeling!


Hey @acidyo, amazing possibilities with the SMT's right?

I have come up with the Memory Coin and wrote a big post about how I want to invite the entire memory sports and memory coaching community to Steemit and later create our own token. Here is my post about it:

Memory Coin - The Memory Sports Community Smart Media Token

That sounds great!

Wow, thanks for your upvote!

Here is a thank you from Steemy, the animated Steem Puppet!


Ooh, I remember you now! When you created some of those gifs early on! :D

Yeah, I had a mouse but shifted now to Steemy since I am throwing out animated videos with him every day.

I would love to use my Steemy puppet to make Steemit advertisements. The technology is just sooo cool and unique.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about my ideas. I could create live streams with that puppet. It is just mindblowing!


@ flauwy You are a genius with gifts, i would like to know your secret, but i bet you don't reveal it, right? :P

Nothing special, I use Photoshop for GIFs. Pretty easy to do actually. :)

WOAHH I love that DMT Alex Grey looking rainbow spectrum of colors honeycomb pattern!!!! so cool!!!!
kinda reminds me of this

yes psychedelic stuff is easier to remember right? lol

Hah, that image was part of Rick and Morty this season, wasn't it?

I have two that I think are very valid use cases and one is exceptionally unique, but I learned ideas on this platform are often copied so will wait to discuss them :)

That being said I think people should tend to think small and practical unless they have the experience to really pull it off. I get feeling tons of people will be launching yadda yadda token and just sort of fall flat or be a scam etc. I am sure billy is working on one right now lol

I think with some proper planning and realistic expectations that really can add value and have a use, so I am excited for them. I also can see many pitfalls, failures and abuses though, so hopefully can weed those out as best we can.

Great comment!

That being said I think people should tend to think small and practical unless they have the experience to really pull it off.

I am completely in agreement with this statement.

SMT is an amazing concept and quite revolutionary too. However, it would be mainly beneficial to those who are doing reasonably well with their online properties. If you have a site that does well, it could be made to do better by incorporating SMT tokens into its interface.

But if you create your own new forum, website or community on the web, you will have the same problem as the average user on Steemit - that of no traffic coming to your site.

On Steemit, once you create a post, it disappears down the feed in minutes, unless you have a very high SP or a huge no. of followers to ensure its survival at the top few spots aka the trending/hot spots. Also, the same authors' posts always appear on the trending pages and bloggers who are doing well, continue to do well notwithstanding the lower quality of some of their posts - putting it very mildly.

Ranking in the search engines is also quite similar in a way, as they always favor established authority sites. The search engine algorithms are tuned in such a way that even if you have the best content on the web, your posts will not rank in the first few pages for at least a few months if not years. A new forum may have much more activity than many old and established forums, but it will never be seen in the first 20-30 results of a search.

Almost all traffic from a keyword search goes to the first 3-5 results on the first page of search engine results. After the first page of results, sites appearing in subsequent results get almost no traffic.

Whether you start an education site, a voluntary activity site or anything else that may truly be for a noble cause it will not gain effective traction because, I repeat, traffic is everything.

Unfortunately, SMT does not address this issue - not that anyone expected it to be addressed.

I am only highlighting the fact that it can work only if you have a site that is already receiving a good amount of traffic, so that you can monetize it effectively whether for yourself or for your community members. Moreover, those who are experts at monetizing their sites, already know how to get the best ROI from their sites through sales of their own products or as affiliates, product promotions and banners, and reward or repay their members.

It definitely is an awesome and unique concept, but I don't think the common (aspirational)blogger will understand this issue until the time that he/she has already invested in creating a forum, site, community etc. as given in the examples. It could lead to disappointment over the fact that even after having SMT tokens on the site, the aim behind creating the site is not being achieved.

It would be great if this is explained in the white paper, for the masses to understand so that the right expectations are set before the incorporation of SMT leads to any kind of disillusionment among bloggers and site owners, especially those who are new and would like to raise funds for a cause.

Idea: A peer-review token to create anonymous reputation based identities on top of Steemit users. As a system to test a level of proficiency on a subject by a user creating databases of questions and tests for accreditation inside the platform.

Wow, this is really great. The reputation system here could definitely require some fine-tuning or addition!

After reading the paper, I see many problems but the advantages seem to be giving agency to projects being built on top of steemit, by specializing the communities and interaction with already existing APIs that benefit Steemit without integrating them directly into the platform.

Suppose a person has Ph.D. and has no skin in the platform. Just by verifying their credentials in the real world, one could reward a type of reputation that allows them to contribute questions or to curate questions. Even if he's on steemit or not.

Four main advantages:

  1. The current user interface of steemit is not ideal to present questions (something you are experimenting on, with the AskSteemit initiative)
  2. A voluntary leveling system, based on merit, separated from the social aspect but funded by it.
  3. Dapp interaction with other API's be it blockchains or not.
  4. Allowing users to explore other lines of interests, without them spreading too much in their profiles.

An awesome use case this one!

repcoins -braincash - edusteem

Possible names; @ertero's idea is brilliant

I would like to see an education one, something that can be used to fund educational projects, there has to be others going on other than the ones I know about, and I would love to see all those educational projects get funded. Maybe an educational token would be a way to get that done.

That would actually be incredible and a game changer for free education.

Steemit is already touching young lives and I can so it doing so much more than what I have seen so far. @azizbd runs @schoolforsdg4 is doing amazing work educating more than 50 children a week and proving fruit for the kids once a week, out of his own pocket, now with steemians behind him, he has been able to provide more for the students and we are working on getting enough support for them to provide fruit or some other type of food every day of the week and not just one day. An Education token could be a game changer for programs like @schoolforsdg4

Leaves me teary eyed thinking about it. So much potential to change the world and move away from the old monetary system. Best idea by far.

What I have seen the community do so far has done that to me a few times.

Well it's definitely something we should strive for, and maybe at that point we will have a Star Trek like society, where poverty is a thing of the past.

hey whats up vegeta! god to see people i recognize in the comments of big posts like these!
Educational steemit world is something most of us have thought about and how eASY it would be for a school top use steemit! how homework can be submitted online and allow students to make money! i know one school is running a steemit witness node or plans to i mean, in australia, or so says a cointelegraph article and more schools should follow when they see how much money students can earn, we need to encourage students to just hold the steem and let the steem gain interest, so kids dont try spending all their profit... kinda glad it's not that easy to just spend your steemit profits, unless you know how to use bitcoin but yeah you could probably very easily use bitcoin to buy videogames on steem right? so you can go from steem to steam the gaming market, via Bitcoin... Anyway they should Trick kids into learning with a educational Videogame that can reward kids in Steem....

I think Steemit alone is good enough for children to learn WAY more than traditional school could ever hope to, but a lot of children just wont want to learn, even if you make it more interesting , educational documentaries and videos are the future , shows like Good Mythical Morning can teach kids or Vsauce can teach kids WAY better than a teacher also Crash Course History is really good, we will see people using Dtube and making educational videos for free and instead of Patreon they will use Steemit to make money off their content!

It's a much better way to go about it, I could even see it expanded further into healthcare and other markets. People can share their research on the blockchain.

That's a great idea, education especially in places in the the world where the demand is big but there is no supply this would be much needed!

Seeing as technology is increasing everywhere in the world and simple and cheap smartphones will be available to the masses before other education material this could be a very good compensation.

I am big about that education and I don't mean teaching to pass a standardized test, I mean true learning and true education.

I want a smart media token that helps rare diseases patients. How is I don't know but somebody somewhere will able to do it for me.

Let's get a SMT that can allow people to have a simple App that can donate small pieces of their steem or bitcoin transactions, like those Apps rthat round up, or we have one where we break up the work of finding out the effects of different medicines on many many peopl to get real time clinical data from a smartphone using fitbits to record some heartrate data kinda stuff, we can maybe use those new medical testing devices withbluetooth to analyze your own body or fluids, to do home testing, upload iut to a database to allow al your health records to be monitored by the community, its YOUR body your health records should be allowed to eb uploaded by you to anyone if you wanna let some peopel go over the data to find solutiuons for you, so we should get apps to allow patients to record all their own vitals etc to start recording data about their body that maybe later on AI can look at and analyze pattersn to maybe help...lots we can do with a medical blockchain, and theres the cure coin stuff, its limited but theres a lot we can do woth genetic research that we need lots of ciompurting power for to fold proteins etc, also we can emulate your brain and give you a virtual body and allow you to record your brain and allow your conciousness to exist in a computer simulatiuon you can run with Ethereum and Golem and ys you would have to PAY for the many peta hash you would need to simulate or emulate your 3d brain in a 3d simulation program like a videogame where you will live where you have access to the internet, but then you could just live on as a simulation oif your brain, you would need to work to pay for the emulation of you, your simulation will need electricity and processing power but youll be able to afford it with steemit as the first emulated human!

I mostly post here about the people who haven't been successful in their lives due to their circumstances or for any other reason. Started a series "Untold Stories of Unsuccessful Persons" andI am thinking about making a wordpress blog and continue my series there as well. It will help me to share the stories of those people outside of steemit community.

Adding to the above, I have a plan of exapnding my idea of helping people by not only giving them the money but also some relevant skills through which they can earn their livelihood.
I have actually don't have a complete idea about SMT but one thing I'm pretty sure, I wouldn't be needing Google Adsense shit on my blog and I can surely reward my blog followers via SMTs.

definitely OCD token :D
tokens to incentivize curators and enhance curation!

Hehe, that could be something. ^^

we'll launch it on OCD's one year anniversary (: with SMTs, certainly the possibilities are endless!
And certainly interested to know more about your project - all the best!

what about a FITCOIN ? you can use it all over the world using it for personal training, nutrition sessions, having a workout in a crossfitgym (WOD) or buying some healthy food in an organic shop...

I like the idea of a news site. where readers and publishers are paid in SMT.
Also,blogs replacing google ads, and using SMT.. For readers,comments on blogs, like wordpress blogs for example.

The possibilities are endless. There are literally millions of ways SMT can be utilized.. It's just of matter of taking action and doing it...

Its gonna be awesome! Best part about it they will all be built on one of the most advanced blockchains out there!

How about a charity token? Projects could put forward their plans for inclusion which would be looked over by a board of sorts and the money gets distributed automatically.

Just an idea. I haven't really grasped the way that it will all work but I'm definitely excited for what this could mean for the Steem market.

hello @acidyo,

I try to socialize the idea of putting SMT into fund management business such that people who doesnt know crypto could actually invest in a self created token as a form of SMT (that ofcourse given that the manager has a good track record).

However, more work probably need to be done around the pricing of the SMT and it is now mostly driven by the demand and the supply of the Token and not tie with the underlying asset (that mean we will have trust issue for whoever is responsible to manage the token price (especially the case where the underlying asset value is not disclosed).

Can't wait to see more SMT ideas floating around.

This is wild.. I wish I had the mind to tell things evolve I will hopefully be of some help. I love the idea, usually I barely keep up in here. Right now I am always learning so to make a suggestion is tough. The idea of tokens is fabulous. 🐝 I will give you a bee for now.

Hehe, thanks for the bee, I'll keep it safe as I hear they are getting more and more rare nowadays. ^^

you are welcome 🐓 this chicken is a gift too. think nothing of it .. lol

Top to bottom read, even though older post still active with comments from 2 hours ago. A lot of what I read idea wise was how to use it to make money, share money, or reward people. I may have missed it, but what I would like to see is a SMT "Quick Response Action Team" Token. Bali volcano evacuation, I only saw one posting looking to help our friends from Bali out. There was some recent flooding somewhere, that I just caught a quick view of and failed to follow up on as I got distracted. The one with the Bali connection though, their "aid packet", I thought was great providing power. So a Decentralized centralized coin to provide a means of people providing support with out 80% of their donation funds being used to pay off some fat guys legal bills.

What a topic! This one has had me thinking quite a bit.

(And damn, dude, look at your comments! Holy ish!)

I would love to have a token for the spiritual/metaphysical community. Maybe an energy token of some kind that is geared toward those who practice healing arts of some kind, or who do intuitive style work, like I do.

I would create a permaculture coin. Trading in the future of the planet.

it would be nice to have some coin for organic farming to keep track of seeds to avoid GMo i dunno haha it would be cool to develop this further, maybe just raise money tro plant trees and gardens on sidewalks etc

This has actually happened in the UK. A small town that created a permaculture tourist attraction with their public spaces.

I have an idea of what I want to do, but I would probably tell you in discord. It will be very interesting with niche communities and it will expand steem's exchange and enrich the whole ecosystem. This makes steem reaching $100 or more very possible.

Haha, sounds great. :D

Yeah your 100% upvote might be over $9000 by that point.

I was happy to upvote your above comment past $2! dude STeem is going to be $2 soon then its ionwards to $10 and then $100 and between $10 and $100 we have $20 and $30 and $40 etc to go throuigh and those will AL be exciting! Steem at $5 and Steem at $6 will be an adventure too! $8 steem $9 steem and $10 steem will feel surreal but SOLID and strong! and we will be So excited when we realize we are at $15 and then $20 and on our way past $30 and $40 steem will make us realize that $100 steem is not far away and that $1000 is also possible ow! dude by then steem will also be growing millions of new users and it will have some seriously dank content too! Artists will be inspired, people will be happy and creative it will be amazing!

Yeah for steem to be at $2000 it would have to have the market cap of facebook, not impossible but difficult. At that point I'd be able to live of curation and help many newcomers. Would be awesome.

I love your examples... I'm pretty ignorant on this issue, but I'll check back to see some ideas, great post!

Make sure to read through the whitepaper, its pretty inspiring by itself!

Ty, I will do that when my brain is fresh and clear ... whatever day that next happens. (-:

Have just started reading the white paper for it. Lots of minds buzzing around the world right now lol. The possibilities are endless. Your gif is amazing I've been staring at it laughing for way too long.

Hehe, thanks! It was created by @overkillcoin, make sure to check out his other awesome works!

Rumor has it he's trying to mend his over-killy ways and be "Often Nice Coin" XD

lol, oh you! Was looking for the other versions of the gif on discord DM's the other day and couldn't find your username for like 5 minutes. :D

That wasn't very 'often nice' me of XD

Oh well, now at least you can make overkillcoin or overnicecoin a reality with SMT! ;)

Haha - in the comments for my original video, someone had mentioned the possibility of creating a real overkillcoin...

The time has come! :D

If it was two months ago...


Lol I mean we've already technically given out hundreds of thousands of theoretical yunkcoins... It would be nice to actually be able to do it haha

We could revive it :)

Everyone gets a yunkcoin for every post in that tag. What to do with them is another question... :D

if we can honor the history of yunks given out through a tracking script, then that's awesome. but no real genesis though lol

Lmao. those were good days man

I think it was yassine who came up with it

Oh noes. He #forgetted

How could he #forgetted when it was never to be #forgetteted

Community coin for me!

Yeah those will also be very important!

Yea Something along those lines to basically help out the community as a whole.

There are so many platforms out there this coin could be implemented into and work if adjusted correctly.

Yeah, that's what example 1 was talking about kinda!

I know exactly what I'd want to make. The Krokodilcoin, a smart token designed to help fund the production of the worlds greatest medicine, Krokodil. It will revolutionize the way people in Russia do drugs are treated medically.

(In all seriousness, I should check out the whitepaper probably.)

lol, yes you should. :D

Did you ever go to sleep when you were done streaming, by the way? Or, you just saying fuck sleep, lol?

I tried for a couple of hours. :(

Then there was some CSGO tournament happening on Twitch and then my sleep went away as fast as the hopes of SK Gaming reaching the finals.

Haha, jeez, dude. Well, try not to let your sleep schedule get too messed up. I feel like when I'm staying up until 5 or 6 am and then only sleeping a few hours I start feeling sick and nasty a lot more often.

And, I didn't know you were so into CS:GO, if you start playing when you get your new PC like you mentioned in the stream let me know. I'd be down to play, I've had it in my Steam library for like 2 years and only played it a few times.

And, dayum. Look at you getting that thicc blocktrades vote.

You should move to Europe so we can play without lag together in that case. :P

Or I should move to the U.S.

I vote that you move to the US! I'm not sure I could survive the winter weather in your region, I already become a cave dweller when it hits winter time here, lol.

I've played a few games on EU servers before, and usually the lag is tolerable for the most part, so I'd still be down to play on one if you need a spare teammate. Just lemme know :)

2 votes for you moving to US. Aren't you thinking of moving anyways? Ill adopt you.

All I know right now is that I've gotta read the White Paper ASAP :) The buzz being created by SMT warrants some serious investigation yo!

Definitely! Nice username! ^^

With the news of ned come very good things for the block chain, this news to many people excited since as you say many have been working on creating their own currencies and what better way to do this.
We would be supporting Steem's innovation and growth. Steem on!

I have to read more about SMT and traslating the whitepaper in my language, Indonesia. Thanks for this post. I will finish reading at once.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for the translation, the more brainpower the merrier!

What do you think if I do the translation for your current post? I translated some posts into Bahasa Indonesia already. There are many Indonesian Steemians don't get the meaning of English posts.

I don't think this post is necessary for translation as its the discussion in the comments that will have most of the value!

I got the point. Thanks

What up boss man. Looking strong as ever :)

I honestly have no idea right now what I could even create with an SMT.. What would you create? :)

How you doing by the way?

@acidyo much boss infinite strong

How about a "Stay Awesome Coin" for @acidyo. Everytime he doesn't feel awesome we send him some to fill up his awesome meter

@acidyo maybe we could make SMT tokens in to "clues" to leave for people who have no clue

I'm already creating one but keeping it on the downlow for now.

Doing okay, just real busy. You?

I think I will have to make a post to detail it more properly, but I would love to make a co-creation/open innovation coin.

There are many great platforms, like Local Motors, where competitions are hosted to make a new design for an autonomous vehicle capable of performing a certain task, or where companies allow customers to collectively discuss and improve the design or features of a product they deliver.

It would be great to let the submissions of designs, or discussion boards where people share their ideas, use a smeem-like reward system to reward great contributions towards whatever is being co-created. In the case of collective design in a manufacturing / startup competition, that could then translate into company shares. Or in the case of the open innovation of existing products for a company, that company could then accept tokens as payment for their products to reward people who help them improve.

Many opportunities :)

thanks for sharing, my son is involved such a Block chain issue and ICO.
Thanks for your topics and idea.

The whole thing is amazing! I'd create Author Coin for writers and poets which could be their rate mark

I found your post very well: you have given very good information to all the people and mother is very excited about it.i think SMT is right...,???

I'm too dumb to come up with any of that, I think I'll just type how to get rich on google, for the first scheme that appeals to me. Much easier.

I doubt you will have much luck with that. :)

Community steem for me!
upvoted, resteemed.

I found your post very well: you have given very good information to all the people and mother is very excited about it.

Ohho Ahaha I am waiting for this it's will be the dream work for me.
Congrats @acidyo
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Cool post! I have some ideas for smt, I think if I get it done and coded, I wil use it! ;)

I would like to see the smart media tokens to support children in poor areas, because in the world there are too many children are struggling to live, they lack of food, clothing and education...Maybe Smts could used to collect fund to help them or something else?

Very nice ! I like it the your post, thankks

You are at the top, my friend. I hope to stay that way

It sounds very nice, thank you for this important information, may your day of fun!

Thanks for sharing ,

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Its so exciting to be on the ground floor. I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential

Hey @ogunlaja. If I were you I'd edit my comment. Remove the second paragraph. Begging for upvotes and follows won't get you anywhere, in fact, it will simply annoy people :):) Also delete your second comment that's the same as this one. Use it, don't use it. Just some advice:) Good luck.

Oh yes, your logos are equally cool as your posts.

Those signature gif/graphics that you have are awesome.

My idea is this:

In a place where media's biggest issue is about trust and credibility, why not infused a media based type of government services that features public real time information? i.e weather system, public announcements, government news and current events, etc.
There will be a mutually exclusive relationship of the government and its trusted constituents which the main benefactor is the public masses. Trusted and credible information will be rewarded among users who can provide. Users can launch fundraising or crowdsourcing for a cause in terms of a calamity arises. In that way also, corruption will be avoided, rewards/funds will be directed to the affected users.

Conclusion: If you think deeper, the most important information a social media can provide is about safety. A single mishap of information can create drastic changes on how to people react and adapt to the current situation. I'm basing all these ideas with the current situation of the Phils. and probably to any other disturbed countries.

Hey, today is supposed to be my day off...but family is asleep and this is the first '' post about SMTs that has been worth my read!!!

Maybe I am wrong, but I sense you looking for a bit of fun too in this post. So here is my first suggestion:
The COP token. These Catching Odious Post tokens will be used to reward @steemcleaners @sherlockholmes and the other spaminators at work in our beloved Steemit-tropolis.
Each COP token can be exchanged for a one month delegation of 250 SP.

And just to be sure my profit margins stay high, I will take lesson from the Mafia and issue a CIA token. Each Crypto Intelligent Asset token will be issued each time some entrepreneuing scammer finds a new way to game the system. Each CIA token is redeemable for a -10 on your reputation scale and for a one month delegation of 1000 SP.

Seems about right yeah?

Peace! Hopefully some good brainstorming comes from this post! I will be interested to see how it all goes!! (Steemit...TO THE MOOOOON)

CIA coin.telpro


I have actually already started to brainstorm and working out on a token which will do a lot of good for Humanity. It will either be called Humanity Coin or Hunger Coin.
People buying these coins will infact be contributing to organize events across the whole world helping in reducing hunger. They will receive these tokens as goodwill of gesture and they can use these to vote on their post or others posts, well as they wish.
In the end the tokens will have to come back to the original account, and again the sale takes place and so on.

I was writing my amazing idea but I erased it because I realized someone here can steal it!! Lol

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It seems that the options for the use of these tokens is huge. I'm still trying to think of possibilities other than the blogging/upvote aspect of it. I think there is huge potential in the entertainment/gaming market. But I would love to see it used for good in a charitable way. Maybe like a pay it forward/Random acts of kindness type of site.

I would like to see a token for the KIDS in the 3 world which can be used to fund projects to support the KIDS with food, clean water, medical supplies and education. All on a blockchain where it is transparent so that all the funds really reach the kids not like some existing projects ( I don't want to name them) where only 20% of the funding reaches the KIDS and the other 80% getting lost in some corrupted peoples pockets.



If I were the chairman of English Premier League and new about SMTs, I would create and FPL token to reward fantasy players on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. I would also create unique incentives like:-

  • Top Scoring Goal Keeper of the Month - Whoever has the top goal keeping points (regardless of what goalkeeper he used or how rest of the team performed) would win that prize in form of FPL tokens.

More than 3.5 million people play FPL already and the incentives will bring in millions more. Tokens will be in demand but the max supply would be limited. There would be a system in place to keep the tokens in circulation.

I think something like that with a specific market, like FPL, will be huge success.

Hey man! Good question bro... the SMT concept seems so versatile that possibilities are endless.

I would like to create a rewards system for music artists. Lets say in Soundcloud. You like an artist and want to "tip" him/her so you would do it with soundcloud-coins straight to their wallet, quickly and transparently.

I am not so sure if this idea applies with the concept since I didn´t fully read the whitepaper. But... something in those lines, quick and transparent donations to the artists that you like. I think it would feel great to reward them so directly, your coins straight to their wallet, no hands in between.

Thanks for the generosity man! And for giving everyone a space to express themselves!

Hello Acidyo,

I had weird internet the other day and couldn't stay long in your twitch cast.

Anyhow: 1) Idea would be streaming coin, as far as I know Twitch takes %50 of the subscription fees

  1. Another idea would be something like quora, and we can name it 'answer token' or something in that line. Quora is one of the best sites in my opinion and a system like Quora with SMT background would benefit the users a lot.

Don't forget to add Twitch and Quora to your conveyor belt :D

I want to create a community forum for my subscribers (starting a youtube channel tomorrow) and one for a beauty forum on a website that me an my friends are working on.

I'm not sure what to call the tokens though. lol

Great @acidyo ....Resteemed for more friends....

Dogecoin,Jesus Coin, UET, SPOON...

SMT is another chance for a meme token waiting to happen.

What name can you think of that'll get people to laugh all the way to the bank, laugh while withdraw, and then laugh all the way throwing them cash to you?

Im no creative dude but if you're planning something similar i wanna get in on this..

For a while now I've been thinking about the idea of a basic income token implemented in a similar fashion to biophil's Pocket token. But something that is integrated natively into the steem blockchain like these SMT's could be worth looking into.

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Sounds great.... great post

yep, i have a project that's in three parts, the token would be part of that infrastructure i guess because it makes sense to have a media token in this particular instance and i'd probably want people who are steemians to invest in that token to find what the three applications do. i want to get mockups done in sketch first before i talk about it and i'm trying to get that done before i get to steemfest 2 and talk about it, post about it there.

it's something that is very dear to my heart and it's been part of my vlogging legacy for well over a decade. in fact, it's how i started vlogging and i think it's an important part of society which is often overlooked. as someone who has suffered from this too i think it would be a big help and we can expand it outwards from here and i can reconnect with a bunch of charities that have no clue about blockchains. steem could be the one chain to connect them all! :)

as soon as i have something to show, the walkthrough and the concept for all three parts, and why they are different parts and can't be all together in one app i'll post some more about it. i think it's pretty cool ;)

A token that will not be listed on an exchange, is not tradable with other currencies, and roll this out in communities already using these type of tokens, but in a lesser digital way. Those projects will will followed to a wider rollout, in geo spaces towards SMEs. The non volatility with other coins is the only way to roll out a coin/token to the mass, and tipping points can only be reached when rolling out geo-locally.

I would like a gaming token you can use in games to buy ingame stuff, but that you can also gain in the game by playing. But they should be universal for all games and also baance.

We are all looking forward for this for everyone one has a chance to grasp and create as their own. Wish you all the best of luck with @ned whom never stop making and creating this platform to be more advance and giving everyone what's is good for us. Steem on is already here and dream on, it will made come true. God bless. :)

That's great. seriously these tokens not benefits to me because i don't have any sites or application but this thing is pretty awesome and you explained it very very well. with these tokens ,now sites & application author can give rewards to there commenter and suscribers .this will help lots of peoples to raise his site or app presence .
all i can say that is ,this scheme is awesome.
great work keep posting

could this type of token be used to raise money for treeplanting to combat global warming ? i am having trouble understanding the implications and what the SMT thing is ?

i have to read more about SMT and understand it well

the idea could be used to finance associations, or even to ban all the advertisements of our world. Imagine a world without ads, only "vote" buttons.
We are witnessing a new era ;-)

realy nice post