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RE: AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

in #asksteemit4 years ago

I know exactly what I'd want to make. The Krokodilcoin, a smart token designed to help fund the production of the worlds greatest medicine, Krokodil. It will revolutionize the way people in Russia do drugs are treated medically.

(In all seriousness, I should check out the whitepaper probably.)


lol, yes you should. :D

Did you ever go to sleep when you were done streaming, by the way? Or, you just saying fuck sleep, lol?

I tried for a couple of hours. :(

Then there was some CSGO tournament happening on Twitch and then my sleep went away as fast as the hopes of SK Gaming reaching the finals.

Haha, jeez, dude. Well, try not to let your sleep schedule get too messed up. I feel like when I'm staying up until 5 or 6 am and then only sleeping a few hours I start feeling sick and nasty a lot more often.

And, I didn't know you were so into CS:GO, if you start playing when you get your new PC like you mentioned in the stream let me know. I'd be down to play, I've had it in my Steam library for like 2 years and only played it a few times.

And, dayum. Look at you getting that thicc blocktrades vote.

You should move to Europe so we can play without lag together in that case. :P

Or I should move to the U.S.

I vote that you move to the US! I'm not sure I could survive the winter weather in your region, I already become a cave dweller when it hits winter time here, lol.

I've played a few games on EU servers before, and usually the lag is tolerable for the most part, so I'd still be down to play on one if you need a spare teammate. Just lemme know :)

2 votes for you moving to US. Aren't you thinking of moving anyways? Ill adopt you.