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RE: AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

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Hey @acidyo, amazing possibilities with the SMT's right?

I have come up with the Memory Coin and wrote a big post about how I want to invite the entire memory sports and memory coaching community to Steemit and later create our own token. Here is my post about it:

Memory Coin - The Memory Sports Community Smart Media Token


That sounds great!

Wow, thanks for your upvote!

Here is a thank you from Steemy, the animated Steem Puppet!


Ooh, I remember you now! When you created some of those gifs early on! :D

Yeah, I had a mouse but shifted now to Steemy since I am throwing out animated videos with him every day.

I would love to use my Steemy puppet to make Steemit advertisements. The technology is just sooo cool and unique.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about my ideas. I could create live streams with that puppet. It is just mindblowing!


@ flauwy You are a genius with gifts, i would like to know your secret, but i bet you don't reveal it, right? :P

Nothing special, I use Photoshop for GIFs. Pretty easy to do actually. :)

WOAHH I love that DMT Alex Grey looking rainbow spectrum of colors honeycomb pattern!!!! so cool!!!!
kinda reminds me of this

yes psychedelic stuff is easier to remember right? lol

Hah, that image was part of Rick and Morty this season, wasn't it?