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RE: AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

in #asksteemit4 years ago

Have just started reading the white paper for it. Lots of minds buzzing around the world right now lol. The possibilities are endless. Your gif is amazing I've been staring at it laughing for way too long.


Hehe, thanks! It was created by @overkillcoin, make sure to check out his other awesome works!

Rumor has it he's trying to mend his over-killy ways and be "Often Nice Coin" XD

lol, oh you! Was looking for the other versions of the gif on discord DM's the other day and couldn't find your username for like 5 minutes. :D

That wasn't very 'often nice' me of XD

Oh well, now at least you can make overkillcoin or overnicecoin a reality with SMT! ;)

Haha - in the comments for my original video, someone had mentioned the possibility of creating a real overkillcoin...

The time has come! :D