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RE: AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

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I would like to see an education one, something that can be used to fund educational projects, there has to be others going on other than the ones I know about, and I would love to see all those educational projects get funded. Maybe an educational token would be a way to get that done.


That would actually be incredible and a game changer for free education.

Steemit is already touching young lives and I can so it doing so much more than what I have seen so far. @azizbd runs @schoolforsdg4 is doing amazing work educating more than 50 children a week and proving fruit for the kids once a week, out of his own pocket, now with steemians behind him, he has been able to provide more for the students and we are working on getting enough support for them to provide fruit or some other type of food every day of the week and not just one day. An Education token could be a game changer for programs like @schoolforsdg4

Leaves me teary eyed thinking about it. So much potential to change the world and move away from the old monetary system. Best idea by far.

What I have seen the community do so far has done that to me a few times.

Well it's definitely something we should strive for, and maybe at that point we will have a Star Trek like society, where poverty is a thing of the past.

hey whats up vegeta! god to see people i recognize in the comments of big posts like these!
Educational steemit world is something most of us have thought about and how eASY it would be for a school top use steemit! how homework can be submitted online and allow students to make money! i know one school is running a steemit witness node or plans to i mean, in australia, or so says a cointelegraph article and more schools should follow when they see how much money students can earn, we need to encourage students to just hold the steem and let the steem gain interest, so kids dont try spending all their profit... kinda glad it's not that easy to just spend your steemit profits, unless you know how to use bitcoin but yeah you could probably very easily use bitcoin to buy videogames on steem right? so you can go from steem to steam the gaming market, via Bitcoin... Anyway they should Trick kids into learning with a educational Videogame that can reward kids in Steem....

I think Steemit alone is good enough for children to learn WAY more than traditional school could ever hope to, but a lot of children just wont want to learn, even if you make it more interesting , educational documentaries and videos are the future , shows like Good Mythical Morning can teach kids or Vsauce can teach kids WAY better than a teacher also Crash Course History is really good, we will see people using Dtube and making educational videos for free and instead of Patreon they will use Steemit to make money off their content!

It's a much better way to go about it, I could even see it expanded further into healthcare and other markets. People can share their research on the blockchain.

That's a great idea, education especially in places in the the world where the demand is big but there is no supply this would be much needed!

Seeing as technology is increasing everywhere in the world and simple and cheap smartphones will be available to the masses before other education material this could be a very good compensation.

I am big about that education and I don't mean teaching to pass a standardized test, I mean true learning and true education.