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RE: AskSteemit #2: What Smart Media Token would you want to create?

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I have an idea of what I want to do, but I would probably tell you in discord. It will be very interesting with niche communities and it will expand steem's exchange and enrich the whole ecosystem. This makes steem reaching $100 or more very possible.


Haha, sounds great. :D

Yeah your 100% upvote might be over $9000 by that point.

I was happy to upvote your above comment past $2! dude STeem is going to be $2 soon then its ionwards to $10 and then $100 and between $10 and $100 we have $20 and $30 and $40 etc to go throuigh and those will AL be exciting! Steem at $5 and Steem at $6 will be an adventure too! $8 steem $9 steem and $10 steem will feel surreal but SOLID and strong! and we will be So excited when we realize we are at $15 and then $20 and on our way past $30 and $40 steem will make us realize that $100 steem is not far away and that $1000 is also possible ow! dude by then steem will also be growing millions of new users and it will have some seriously dank content too! Artists will be inspired, people will be happy and creative it will be amazing!

Yeah for steem to be at $2000 it would have to have the market cap of facebook, not impossible but difficult. At that point I'd be able to live of curation and help many newcomers. Would be awesome.