Ask Steemit: How did you first hear about Steem? And tell us the story behind your Steem username

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Ask Steemit is a series I started last May following a post by @kevinwong where he quoted a suggestion from @jesta for Ask Reddit style posts on Steemit.

The question last week was: What was the most memorable dream that you’ve had?

You can read the responses here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a response. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the comments.and I look forward to reading the responses from each of you for this week.

The question for the Steemit community today is: How did you first hear about Steem? And tell us the story behind your Steem username.

Thanks to @epicdesigns for the Ask Steemit logo

Please include your answers in the comments below. I look forward to reading your responses.



I found Steemit after a friend told me about it. Though I remember seeing posts about it on Reddit and wondering why "Steam" was misspelled.

My username Eitsky is short for "Explosions in the Sky" - One of my favourite bands. If you don't know of them, you can check out one of their most popular songs.

I agree that a larger AskSteemit community like Reddit's AskReddit would be a wonderful addition to Steemit. I'd like to see more posts of the type. I have a few questions myself.

I see the logo you use is made by @epicdesigns. Is it free to use by everyone (with credit) or did he/she make it specifically for you?

Cool, that's a very nice name for a band. I haven't heard of them before. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
Yes, I paid him to design the logo for me, but I'm happy for you or anyone else to use it. I agree, a healthy Ask Steemit community would be good for Steem.

My friend @doccrypto introduced I signed up and did a couple of posts, but then did nothing for over three months. 3 months I wish I hadn’t wasted! When I started to post, he upvoted all of my posts with about $0.68. This helped me get started. Along the way, I bumped into @papa-pepper. He was doing 4 posts a day, every day. I decided to model this behavior. I also thought it wise to diversify. Bible, travel, photography and farming are my post focus groupings. mhm-philippines stands for our ministry name. Master’s Hand Ministries, Philippine arm. One day we also hope to minister in all of Eastern Asia. Daddy William is what all of the local people of the Philippines call me. Some just Daddy.

That's very cool. Thanks for sharing your story Daddy William. I'm very inspired by what you right and would love to perhaps one day visit the Philippines and get a glimpse into your ministry and life over there.

You would be welcome to come any time! Thank you for your friendship. A trip here would be great!

Thank you. I might take up on your offer sometime, God willing.

Let me know and I will make arrangements. Also let me know how long and what you are interested in seeing or experiencing. I can even give you opportunities to minister at your comfort level.
God bless my brother!

Thanks brother. I will discuss with my wife and will definitely let you know when I'm ready, perhaps in a few months time.

Great! I can accommodate you here, or arrange anything you would like. Like sleeping in a Nipa hut if you want the full experience. There are also decent hotels in the nearest city.

Great, thanks bro. We can discuss the details privately through Steemit Chat or email when the time comes.


I first found Steem after I made a good amount of profit on ripple when it shot from a couple pennies to closer to 30 cents. I bought Steem on a whim with thoughts of day trading it. It went down so I looked more into it than my simple glance when I bought it. Shortly after I signed up for Steemit and sent my Steem of for safekeeping and to give myself a little power to do things. Since then I study much more before buying any coins, but I am really happy with that initial 'mistake'!

As far as my name. It's hard to find names that aren't taken. This name I have been lucky to be able to get most places. It's a play on HRPuffNStuff that has grown on me. Where did you get your name? You only answered the first half of the question in your post!

Ah nice. Yeah I think I read quite a few stories of people accidentally joining Steem after initially intending to trade it.
That's a good question re my username. I think I might right a post about it to explain my username as people often confuse me for nextgencrypto or Bernie when I join new chat rooms. In short, I was trading stocks at the time and there was a new tech company that got RTO’ed called Nextgen something. So when I was browsing Steemit for the first time I saw many futuristic sounding usernames and so went with my current name. I never thought I would still be here after two years. If I knew, I would have put more thought into the name.

I have come here for learning, sharing and maintain a better life.@ritue is my id name. I like and love this's one of my favourite name.....

well back in the 2017 steemit was everywhere and tried it and gave up at first and again give it a try and the rest is history :)

Last year was really a disaster for me, while i have quit Facebook and was kind of off the track in life .I sure was spending my golden hours in FB in the past and now realize at that time it was for nothing.

While to coincidence or luck I get to learn about it from FB and I though to myself I have tried many things and lost many bucks as well why not give it a try. So I registered and the username was already taken of my name , so had to add the 12 at the end of my name :( but now I really like it :) after I registered the confimation came in that day so I started and as you know the rest is just the history that I wanted to be ;)

Steem on Everyone !

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