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ASOBIMO has more than 15 years of experience in online game development over 600 employees globally. The present digital content services don't offer licenses to clients, which makes it difficult to exchange or when a service shuts down, the clients lose their content.

ASOBIMO is the platform the platform for in-game items inside ASOBI MARKET. Gamers can purchase or offer in-amusement virtual things exclusively or through a diversion distributer. Asobimo likewise considered DApps that furnish a conveyed optional substance stage with "Decentralized Security System" (DSS). the blockchain that will give unquestionable verification of substance possession.

With the platform Asobimo, users are assured of secured game item exchange, fair, and modern market for all kinds of games and virtual goods. You additionally will have the capacity to purchase and offer digital content, for example, comics, game items and music that you want to share with others.

Asobimo additionally are intending to build up the first "Blockchain Game Association" with nations, for example, China, Korea and Taiwan, keeping in mind to promote games and game items using blockchain technology. We are intending to get more ASOBI COIN clients by offering Airdrop for ASOBI game users. Our company’s games have already millions of active users around the globe. We will introduce the possibility to buy and sell game items at our store.


The ASOBI MARKET bridges the gap between the centralized and decentralized world and
Uses the blockchain technology to provide a protected system to distribute secondary content. The user owns the license, which we can guarantee through DRM, Decentralized Security System (DSS). This system enables a secure seconda/ry digital content trade with ABX. Purchase and sell various digital content directly from ASOBI WALLET Digital content such as:


Diversion things





You will have the capacity to purchase and offer digital content, for example, comics, game items and music that you want to share with others. We will give a protected cloud system called "Decentralized Security System" (DSS) by utilizing blockchain technology. We will make a P2P —  style distributed secondary content platform.


Digital content can once in a while be too simple to duplicate. How would we permit content redistribution that works for clients, makers and publishers?


Asobimo DApps will provide a distributed secondary content platform with "Decentralized Security System" (DSS). Blockchain will provide evidence of ownership of undeniable content.


Token: ABX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Price: 0.01 USD
Token for sale: 8,250,000,000 ABX (50%)
Token supply: 16,500,000,000 ABX
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH
Restricted countries: China, United States of America





For more information :

Website :
Whitepaper :
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Author : EQual2Detask
Bitcointalk Profil link :;u=2228446


Nice summary. This is a unique project. That targets a practical issue.
Would be looking into the possibilities of investing

It amaze you at the end. I will assure you "Profit"

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