Photoshop painting: Different uses of brush

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Photoshop painting: Different uses of brush####

If you do not have a picture, artists can take pictures when they have noticed that they use different methods. Use watercolor to soak the paper during the shape. Only beautiful pictures can be made possible. In Photoshop, when you get to the pictures of watercolor, you need something that will work in that way. Besides, the picture size should be used for different types of colors, different shapes, different types of brushes.

Photoshop has these advantages. Find out how to use simple brass and color, especially in this tutorial.
Let's try using Brush with Brush (Brush Presets) at the beginning

. Open Photoshop and create flexible white background canvas (File - New)
. If the brush panel is not open, then open Window - Brush with the command from the menu.
. Select a color of choice (green for grass and blue for stars).
. Select the brush tool.
. Select the Brush Preset tab.
. Select the 112 or 134 brush for grass size (29 for the star).
. Paint over canvas.
Select the brush for grass size and you will get the opportunity to make grass grass. Notice that, every time the grass is changing from one grass to another, the size of the grass, the color, the direction etc., in reality, as each grass is different.
You can fix these features while brushing. That is, you can say how much change in the size, color, distance etc. while brushing.
Let's do the job.
. Select a normal brush.
. Select the Brush tab.
. Click on the Shape Dynamics section and select it.
. Change the Size Jitter part to the right. The higher the value the size of the size will change as much as the size. Minimum diameter parts can say what is the smallest size.
. Change to Angle Jitter part. The higher the value, the more the angular changes in the size of the figure.
. See results by changing the other parts.Change the color
By changing the brush properties, the color that will be selected will remain in the color. You can bring variations wherever you like.
. Click on the Color Dynamics section.
. Change hue, saturation, etc. and see it on canvas. Different color will be drawn from the selected color.
This is the fundamental principle of changing the brush. There is no need to mention how many changes will be made in the change. Stay in the canvas by changing various types. You will find a new world of color.


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