The Nature of Steemit

Waking to another day in This World.

Sitting down to another Breakfast in Hotel Steemit.


Hmmm… lemme take a look at the menu. What shall we have. Something light and fresh we can curate to a next level. Something new, and struggling, which my experienced Steemit nous can digest very easily and assimilate to refresh my hope for Steemit. Run the finger down the (25)ers. What are the specials today?

Shall we get some parental advice from a newie? Or watch the sun go down somewhere else in the world? Change hotels and go to Chiang Mai? Reprogamme something? Or hack something? Hmmmm…. Think I’ll go for a portion of enlightenment, by @shawnacaton.

Oh. Waiter! There is a fly in my post†. Could you bring me something else instead?

I see one homesteader, Nate, whom I saw start up his stead on here is still going strong and growing day by day (lovely things to savour), @Sunday Night Orgy in the Garden and I pause to muse on assassin bugs: how one sacrifice is supposed to help the whole species, teaching per individual how you live to regret assassinating them. Incalculated is the factor of social species with an intent to assassinate, that’s the bit that should alert you to the Intelligence that IS nature.

The stategy only works by the learning principle, which is based on the sharing principle. Which is an aspect of the expansion of Consicousness. Another long-term game play. If that can be undermined, the Machine World (Evil) can take over much more thoroughly and swiftly. Dumbing down is a great help for it. I always say there is only one discriminating factor that is valid between people, a lack of education (mark, the word means: to lead forth from oneself). I even think all our other discriminating -isms stem from it.


To accommodate every single willing soul and shake up every reluctant one. Not until we prioritse this in our communities (over health care facilities even, that’s how passionate I am about this) will I participate in anything that we think is for the benefit of the greater good. That’s my touchstone for how serious we are really getting as a human race. As a chica seria I am therefore sitting it out for a bit in my garden full of playthings.

Bosch, Hieronymus - The Garden of Earthly Delights, central panel

New Builds

Next I stumble upon @mountainjewel’s house building project. It’s already that far coming along! I worry with my PTSD renovation head, if it will withstand a hurricane … I don’t know where it is standing, I realise, but aren’t there hurricanes everywhere nowadays? Can’t do anything with the build now: 22 days ago. No point resteeming it with my amazement how this even can be done by normal people (builders working for contracting companies are a breed apart) and I am reinspired to also build my own (by calling in a team of Steemians once a location has been purchased with all my Steem). Eventhough it isn't worth a single fraction of a $, this serendipitous find fills in the gap exactly I was left with on her last post, which referred to this project. So well worth a visit of mine for the sake of layer-caking it all up.

I must be scrolling in the wrong area. Getting around here must be as hazzardous as it is for the blind to circumnavigate certain hotel swimming pools. Amazing how one can end up anywhere. Remarkable how little one cares. Like a queen driven in a carriage, waving to her people. One may ask: who does the scrolling around her? Which part or you, do you know full well, my Steemit buddies, is looking for something?

This ground pool is ideal for small yards. Find more astonishing ideas here

New Experiences

Not everybody is looking for something. Maybe that is the problem? They've just come in their lunchbreak for a new experience to keep their hyper-active minds occupied while downing a skimmed almond milk decaf frappaccino raspberry flavoured latte and a pepperoni-mozzarella-basil-mustard-hold-the-pickle over rye.

I am looking for the core flaw in the idea of Steemit. Something is not working out here, clearly. It leaves some of us empoverished and others as solitary as they came here. A good idea will always work out, maybe not now, maybe next century, but I don’t see this as a Good Idea. Plato is not getting up to join me for dinner. (Knew a computer builder once whom I trusted just because he had an in-shop cat called Plato. That is how I got into Linux, till it broke down and nobody wanted to help me - the guy had gone bust, took the cat with him and Microsoft had moved in. Those Linux days were quiet days somehow: lot of limitation when you went Ubuntu back then with limited knowledge and no books for Dummies. I still could follow the Krishna blue thread back then. Lost it the minute I got onto Steemit).

And so it goes. One thing leads into another here, as if it’s all been carefully designed like a shopping mall.

Till you sit back and squint your eyes and see the disused station it really is.

Cliff Station in January 1968

... and slowly hear the reverberation of what you wait to hear the writers say for themselves. Tap, tap, tapping impatiently with a pen (an old fashioned writing implement) I know what the wagons are shuttling to and fro, but by the time they reach customs something has lightened the loads. How to engineer a remedy for that?

My sponsors cannot allow for votes on one-liner quotes alone, posted up every 2hrs.

  • For everything you want to know about milkweed assassin bugs visit the thorough site of Drew of Everywhere Wild.

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Disused station indeed.

It's probably not that they didn't want to help you dear Suki, it's that they couldn't. Linux PC users only make up about 2% of the PC market, so lack of experience is a problem. The story is very different for servers and super computers, they mostly run Linux and even Google always ran on CentOS, one of the many variants. Linux desktops are a far cry from what they were a few years ago, they've really come around.

It looks like we have to build our own user base on Steemit, or use it as our "own private Idaho, underground like a wild Potato" (B-52s) blue Pools and all.

That link to shawnacaton is interesting, ..financially speaking. Look at those payouts!

I also liked the link under the Pool, it shows something more interesting than Blue Pools, especially for sleep deprived Steemians, at least it did the first time I clicked on it.