SPINDLE || New Unique Platform To Enhance Your Investment & Asset Management (part 1)

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An economy grows in only a few specific ways. As the people find new or better resources, the economic growth will happen as the time goes by. But a business project does not see an immediate increase in the revenue when it develops capital goods. It needs to create a pool of saved funds to make it economically viable to increase or improve the capital resource. This pool of funds is needed to last until the capital goods lead to additional revenue.

The increased capital investment allows for more research and development either in the capital structure or the system of the investment development itself. Here, the creation of Blockchain Technology and its cryptocurrency were introduced to overcome the problems given. This new technology can help cast the latest economic solution by giving the investment performers an ease of access such as small transaction fee and quicker than the regular (a.k.a traditional) forex.

But as usual, the new technology always comes with pros and cons from almost every parties. One of the examples is the excessive regulation to "protect the customers" by some countries. That makes the growth of this new technology become hindered.

How SPINDLE Took Part?

The first announcement of SPINDLE by launching their first WP 1.3 late in December 2017 followed by the changing of the situation of the virtual currencies both at home and abroad. The first announcement of legal interpretation in Japan triggers controversies in Japanese society, and the following months later, the Japanese government made a tough decision following with the disappearance of NEM at a major Japanese virtual exchange, Coincheck, and on other system-related issues at cryptocurrency exchanges.

Thus in the creating of WP1.3-1.1, SPINDLE suggests the tightening of regulations in Japan, where cryptocurrency transactions are most active. Then following by that, in WP2.0, the team describes the visions of the project to emerge changes in the situations regarding virtual currencies and to describe and augment the technical aspects of and visions for SPINDLE.

The Concerns

There are three main points that the project's want to concern with, regarding to the circumstances about virtual currencies as follows:

  1. Inhibition of free trading due to excessive regulation
  2. Inhibition of free trading due to excessive consumer protection, and inhibition of improving the investment literacy of common people
  3. Inhibition of decentralization (financial democratization)

Thus, SPINDLE project has created a brilliant solution to overcome all of those problems above.

The Solution

The ZETA initiative was created by SPINDLE in order to reach the goal of realizing the ideological concepts described in WP 1.3. The specific goals ZETA initiative wants to aimeve are:

  1. Create a transparent and fair platform that will enable more people to enjoy a rich life through investment/ asset management,
  2. The automatization of credit scoring by the autonomous human beings, without any room for the arbitrary intervention of authority, so it will make a big impact in the cryptocurrency economy,
  3. Adopt many distributed fundamentals by not turning everything into distributed and decentralized structures.

We'll continue to break down the SPINDLE's ZETA Initiative stages and the SPD token, along with more information in the next following writing. So stay tuned for the next update!

Other Useful Information

Website: https://spindle.zone/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spindlezone
Telegram group: https://t.me/spindlezone
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3091671.0


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