The first thing this is my account. Do whatever I want, because I respect everyone here
The second thing is the content is private to me. I am blogged in many sites
The third thing is that you are only a person who hates the good of others, and here there are only those who love good for some of them, and I do not think your place here
With all due respect for this insult that you placed for me, I forgave you for it, because I do not like to be hate of anyone

LOL... Nobody reacts to this stupid article, only you do. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

It honestly shocked me with this poor level of speech
I will not have fallen to him
I have a lot of people who love me with full respect and submission and a mutual feeling between us
I do not know why you interfere in what does not concern you
I don't know where you are from, but I am sure that someone is envious

It honestly shocked me with this poor level of speech

hi @lfgiaa

I'm also amazed by low level presented by @spoke in this post :/

I hate articles like this.

Everybody can do what he like and nobody has a right to say asshole to somebody.

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