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Everyday Astrology
July 23, 2019
The Sun conjunct Mercury
in Cancer

Mercury represents how you acquire and work with knowledge. It reveals information about how you think, write and talk, the beliefs you accept and the opinions you form. It also influences your interests. The Sun represents your self-image, your essential being, your ambitions -- your sense of who you are and what you're about.

When these combine they generate a powerful, climate of intellectual energy, which naturally means a time when you're busy using your mind and your wits to arrange life and take care of business.

With this connection in Cancer, you're concerned with home and family, your close relationships and your living arrangements. Memories may be especially potent and poignant. You may need to resolve old wounds, revive old connections, strengthen or rearrange existing ones and close out unfinished business.

Life's issues now require a clear mind and good decisions. You'll receive -- or look for -- new information, specialized knowledge to help with some unique challenge or project. You'll be thinking, communicating, putting information to work, reading, writing, talking, studying, learning, doing research ... and settling life's course on a path that suits you specifically.

Along with this partnership comes a kind of tunnel-vision with elements of ego, self-preservation and pride woven through it. You'll do more writing, list-making and research. You may be doing reports, handling paperwork and bills, receiving and sending packages, letters, emails, making phone calls to complete something personally important to you.

So, your point of view is a prime consideration -- which is good, because this conjunction makes it hard for you to see anything else ... or give other perspectives much notice. Your truth and preferences are what matter. This attitude will soften -- eventually. But for now, the Universe says this is important.



Tarot Talk
Today's Tarot Twosome

Treat it like a horoscope or fortune cookie reading.
That's how it's designed ... but do pay attention to it.
I promise you I am -- because they make so much sense!

You face many interesting choices & significant new opportunities. This marks the end of a distinct episode of learning and experience -- and, of course, the beginning of another.


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