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Everyday Astrology
July 25, 2019
Mercury conjunct Venus

This mix is pleasant and easy -- and happens less often than you might expect since both Mercury and Venus constantly hang out close to the Sun. You'd think this would increase the odds of these two getting together, but it only happens once in a while -- so enjoy it while it lasts.

This mix brings a definite style and grace to the way you write and think. There's even a touch of poetry that peeks through every so often which may surprise you. The emphasis here is on enjoying yourself, helping others feel welcome and accepted. You're looking for harmony and balance ... and entertainment. You'll avoid conflicts and competition. You want things to be nice. Fortunately, so does everyone else. Like I said ... easy.

Because Mercury rules communication and thought and Venus rules art and aesthetics, there's an unaffected, automatic "beauty" in the way you use words and language -- at least for now. Your phrasing will be gentle, clever and pleasing all at once. The way you convey ideas attracts attention. People hear not just what you mean, but how you say it. Diplomacy and charm get you extra credit.

You, too, pay attention to "how things come across" which can really be a blessing. It's part of a larger sense of refinement, an appreciation of manners and kindness. You'll also notice and enjoy art itself more, too -- especially things like drama, fiction, poetry, musical lyrics and essays. The melody of spoken language catches your ear and adds another dimension to everything from professional lectures to casual conversation.

It is possible that a lovely presentation now could give undeserved value to silly, vapid even misguided ideas, but the glitter wears off pretty fast -- and you'll soon find your common sense again.


Tarot Talk
Today's Tarot Twosome

Treat it like a horoscope or fortune cookie reading.
That's how it's designed ... but do pay attention to it.
I promise you I am -- because they make so much sense!


You've reached a mini-milestone of comfort and stability -- a place where you can pause and catch your breath, at least temporarily. Now concentrate on your creative efforts, your self-care, your private, loving relationships, the encouragement you give yourself and others. Be peaceful ... and kind.


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