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July 29, 2019
Dark Moon in Cancer

We're in the Dark of the Moon in Cancer ... moving on toward the New Moon in Leo on July 31. That's turning into a pretty momentous day. The New Moon in Leo -- a Black Moon -- the second New Moon this month -- forms late that night, and about an hour later Mercury comes out of retrograde in Cancer ... and starts heading forward again.

This will finally end all the heavy Cancer emphasis this year (and its challenges from the Saturn / Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.) The good news is ... this lines us up for a much different, much better experience with the Leo transits next month, as the parade of personal planets march triumphantly through that dramatic, joyful sign ... and meet the trines to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Cancer interests focus on inner emotions, safety and security concerns, home and family interests, and our connections to and memories of the past. It can be moody and sentimental. It can bring us a lot of issues we need to resolve -- or at least make more progress on to find closure. It can be fretful and anxious. It can be easily depressed if your imagination takes you wandering down the dark corridors of your history.

(But there's usually something important you need to find there, so don't cut that process short just because it's unpleasant. Healing isn't often easy or comfortable ... but it's better than keeping the wounds buried and festering.)

Lots of "past history" can be cleaned out and put to rest finally during the Dark Moon in Cancer -- especially this one. Leo's New Moon this year is full of promise for new beginnings ... a new lease on life -- and a whole lot more fun and enjoyment. Be ready to greet it. God knows we've paid our dues to get here.


Tarot Talk
Today's Tarot Twosome

Treat it like a horoscope or fortune cookie reading.
That's how it's designed ... but do pay attention to it.
I promise you I am -- because they make so much sense!


Consider your relationship to $$$ & wealth. Something is off-balance here. You may be wasting resources. You may have made $$$ the center of your attention & efforts at the expense of what $$$ is meant to support. You may be using your personal assets (like time, talent & energy) in ways that don't support you, that aren't satisfying, that don't gain the income you need -- that literally waste you.

Understanding this will give you a much better view of your options -- & your future. It may restore your peace of mind so that you can make better choices from here.


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(But there's usually something important you need to find there, so don't cut that process short just because it's unpleasant. Healing isn't often easy or comfortable ... but it's better than keeping the wounds buried and festering.)

This. ^^ Also, YAY for a parade of planets marching triumphantly! :)

It's quite the image, isn't it?

This Saturn / Pluto conjunction is a real bear -- and we're not done with it by a long shot. It gets even worse next year. (Maybe I should do a post on it. Only things have been so awful lately I haven't had the heart.)

My biggest consolation re the Sat / Plu conj is that Trump has natal planets in Cancer that these are opposing. So ... it's not over relatively fast for him the way it has been for us. We got done with it in a couple of months. (Although Libra's Season in October is not going to be a lot of fun either. ---> Sigh.) He's not done with it by a long shot ---> and he's got all next year to look forward to. I plan to sit back and call it Karma.

Thanks for these words. It helped me with my current mood alot and very comforting.

I'm glad. Thank you for stopping by. (Lord, it's been a terrible couple of months, hasn't it?!)

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