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August 1, 2019
The New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo aligns the Sun and Moon in that proud, dignified sign. As you might expect, this strengthens the Leo attitudes and traits that are influencing everyone now. We all get to be "a little more Leo" in the way we handle life -- which may or may not be a good thing considering how self-centered Leo can be. However, handling that is part of life's business, and here is where we get the chance.

So, as I said, Leo is proud, dignified and self-centered. It's also creative and fun-loving ... which keeps it from being completely insufferable (most of the time.) It's the energy of your Inner Child ... no matter what your actual Sun Sign, and if you think about it, those traits I mentioned are part of childhood -- or at least they should be.

If ever there is a time to be full of yourself and pleased to discover (and push) the delights of your own talents ... it's when you're a kid. The joy of figuring out how life works ... and making it work for you after limited time and experience is worth some applause. Most of us don't get nearly enough, and that's a shame. Leo knows how to gain attention regardless, so let's learn from it!

Leo is unabashedly self-promoting with a Hey, Mom ... look at me attitude that you simple have to notice. (In face, you can't ignore them. Because they'll keep hounding you until you stop and look ... and clap and give them a big thumbs-up ... just like a kid. I swear they never grow up.) So now's the time to play along -- and get in the game yourself. Do something to show off. (And then do it again.) Experience the wonder ... of Leo.


Tarot Talk
Today's Tarot Twosome

Treat it like a horoscope or fortune cookie reading.
That's how it's designed ... but do pay attention to it.
I promise you I am -- because they make so much sense!


It's time for a new lease on life (Oh, Lord, is it ever!!) ---> with new emotional connections & attachments, new creative ventures & projects, new reasons to feel good & be excited, things to really enjoy.

You may also get a pleasant surprise -- so watch for it. And ... your intuition may tell you something important, so watch for that, too.

Something from your past, even from your childhood, could figure into this. Get in touch with your Artistic Inner Kid. You may add beauty, comfort and love to your home-and-family / living arrangements / intimate circle -- or start creating a new one where these qualities can shine.


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