Wishing on the New Moon in Leo ---> Putting New Moon Energy to Work in Your Life

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Another month / another New Moon

The New Moon in Leo formed tonight
at 9:12 PM (Mountain Time)

The New Moon is a special monthly event. The days surrounding it bring closure and renewal, releasing old efforts and energy ... and gathering new intentions, projects & plans. As much as possible, use the four days surrounding every New Moon -- the three before and the one that comes after for meditation, reflection, releasing and planning. To Astrologers, mystics and others, these days are the Dark of the Moon. There is no visible moon in the sky ... or no visible moon to speak of.

As the Sun and Moon align (which is what forms the New Moon every month), the psychological energy around us slows down, gets quiet and invites us to turn inward to the center where intuition and feelings reside. Here we get a better take on what's going on in our lives, what we need ... and what we want next. We can heal what needs to be mended and gather our strength for the next leg of the journey.

It's a natural pause in life's ongoing rhythm, and it makes so much personal, emotional, spiritual and psychological sense to use it that way -- just as it makes sense to eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired! That our culture has lost touch with these cosmic undercurrents and replaced them with the push-push-push drumbeat of productivity and hustle is a virtual crime against humanity. And I'll call it that.

(In my head I hear the pounding rhythm of the hammer on the block to regulate the oarsmen in Ben Hur. That's what it feels like. And that's certainly what it feels like when you manage to break free and remember back ... tied to that rhythm, those demands, that mindless service of ... something or someone. Maybe you couldn't even say what.)


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It's special, and you can use it

So, let's talk about how to return to the natural rhythm of Lunar tides, and a more civilized way of working with this Dark and New Moon energy. And let's call that progress.

The first 24 to 48 hours after the New Moon arrives is an ideal time to set something into motion, take action -- and start something. Actually the first week after the New Moon can be used for this, so don't get hung up on clocks and calendars so that it cripples and stresses you. That's not what this is about.

New Moon energy is good for meeting someone who may turn out to be special or important in business, in your personal life, as a friend or helpful connection. It's also a good time to try new things, go exploring to places you've never been or have just discovered.

Keep to the theme of newness or initiation or beginning a new chapter or venture. New Moon energy has plenty of power and help for things like this. (Just beware of void-of-course periods and other aspects that may influence your decisions. That's simply par for the course.)


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Making wishes with the New Moon in Leo

The Leo NM is designed for highlighting your talents, boosting your creative abilities, putting you in the spotlight -- and promoting both what you can do and the fact you exist. (That may come as a surprise to some people.)

It's also about being playful, having fun and simply enjoying yourself. (After pouring your heart and soul into your home and family last month, it's time to concentrate on you!!) What do you want to create from your assortment of talent & raw materials? What kind of fun and pleasure appeals? Where can you assert leadership?

Make a list of "Leo things" you'd like to bring into your life ---> again, things related to your creative talents, your self-promotion and self-confidence, your leadership skills and ambitions, your desire for recognition, your love life (romance is a big Leo subject!), your children and brain-children, your willingness to gamble, take risks and engage in speculation. Leo loves to come up a winner in these interests -- so don't be shy. Think big!

Select the three that have the greatest promise or the highest priority. If you can't think of three, that's fine. One or two is plenty. But more than three and you probably won't be able to give these issues enough individual attention, so -- speaking of gambling -- stack the odds in your favor.

If you have placements in your Natal Chart near 9° of Leo (within 5° on one side or the other) -- or aspecting that point -- you have personal assets, natural abilities and strengths to bring these projects into reality. (Or special challenges to overcome, depending on the aspect. 9° of Leo is pure gold however, if you have a natal placement near that.)

Write each of these three wishes down -- by hand each on its own index card is best. But do write them down ... and keep them somewhere safe. Read them over to yourself, several times -- aloud if you like. Then put them somewhere special. In a small box, in a drawer where they won't be lost or disturbed, etc. Look them over every week or so. Read them to yourself. Send positive thoughts and energy to fuel them. Whenever possible -- take action to move their progress forward. Don't neglect this.

Then when the Full Moon in Leo arrives ... opposing the Sun in Aquarius -- on the 9th of February 2020, have a look and see how things developed. The goal is to have realized all your wishes -- or at least have made enough progress to redefine them and continue working.


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Thank you so much for your writing as always @enchantedspirit. This is the first lunar cycle that I'm looking to make use of and I'm really glad I've found your writing to help guide me in making the most of it.

I have two questions if you would be kind enough to share your knowledge - I have a 29˚ Leo Moon, so from my understanding that is right on the cusp of Leo-Virgo - am I correct that if a new moon occurs closer to the particular degree˚ of your natal chart, that the effects will be greater?
My second question is more about astrology in general - are zodiac sign's absolute in their particular traits? Or are signs more like energies on scales between each other, where any point between the signs would feel influence from the signs around it? I'm not sure I've put this question best though I feel it's a question that might pop up from astrology newbies.

Thanks as always for your writing.


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