Joe Biden's 8:30 am birth time seems too rounded (warning to astrologers)

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One of the problems this election is that the two main candidates have birth times where a sneeze would change house placements. Some have speculated that Trump might have early Virgo rising.

Biden's chart doesn't look very promising for 8:30 am using Hellenistic techniques. All the trigon lords of the sect light in the 12th indicate someone who would be homeless and accepting handouts. However, it does look remarkably similar to the chart of Bruce Lee.

If one rectifies the Biden nativity to about 8:05 am, one gets Venus on the Asc with a powerful trine from Jupiter in the 9th (whole sign). It also places all 3 trigon lords (Mars, Venus and the Moon) in angular signs.

Also, recently his natal Jupiter was activated for spirit (Zodiacal Releasing) which in the 9th indicates kings. This comes from Hellenistic era texts which assigns Kings to the 9th, not 10th which was more common in medieval tradition. Schmidt once told me that he thought this was because the cadent signs indicate leisure in 4 different senses. In the 9th, this leisure is dedicated to philosophy.


On election night, Biden has Aries L3 handing over to Taurus L4 where the Moon and Mars are activated. If he's elected, sometime during his first term he would reach a 10th house period (Leo) if Scorpio is rising instead of Sagittarius.


The transits are relatively tense for Biden on election night. Note the ruler of the 10th transiting the ruler of the ascendant in this alternate chart.


Given the precarious situation with the birth times, astrologers could easily be led astray with predictions in this election.

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