Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.3 - Vehicles. 40 SBD Prize Pool. #aswcontest

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Hi everyone! Today's the day... the beginning of the third Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest! I'm really excited about it and I hope some of you Steemsters are too. We had a great turnout last week for the "homes" theme and hopefully we can keep that momentum going. Lets get right into it!

**GUEST JUDGE! - ***@donvee

This week we're going to have our first Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest guest judge! @donvee is new to the Steemit community, but has been a good friend of mine for at least two decades now. He's the embodiment of rusty old vehicle gems and I'd be hard pressed to think of a better judge for this theme.

The Contest:

  This is NOT a photography contest.  The subject matter is what's being judged with the Abandoned Shit Weekly contest, not one's skills with a camera.  Honestly, I just want to see some cool abandoned shit.  lol  HOWEVER, as with any photograph, the "wow factor" can certainly be enhanced with a technically sound execution.  Simply put, winners won't be chosen strictly on artistry.  

The Prizes:

1st Place = 20.000 SBD
2nd Place = 10.000 SBD
3rd Place = 5.000 SBD
Bonus! = 5.000 SBD - Simply Resteem the contest's official post with your entry!

The Theme:

This week's theme = VEHICLES! The photos must be of abandoned vehicles. Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, trains, airplanes, boats, zeppelins... space ships. Whatever. Any vessel of transportation.

The Rules:

Rule #1 = Your abandoned shit photo must be posted using the tag #aswcontest for one of your tags.  This is crucial so that your entry can be seen/found!
Rule #2 = Your photo must be taken by YOU.
Rule #3 = Only ONE entry per user, per week. Save some content for future contests!
Rule #4 = Tell us what we're looking at!  You don't have to write a novel, but let us know what the picture is of, and where you found it.  That's the most interesting part! Equipment and camera settings can be included at your discretion, but is not necessary.
Rule #5 = Stick to the weekly theme!. 

The Time:

When = New ASW contests will start on TUESDAYS and will end on SUNDAY.  Winners will be announced on Monday with awards distributed then as well. I figure it's a good way to start the week!


HELP! - I'd really like this contest to become an established, weekly feature.  Resteeming the official contest announcement post here would be a huge help in getting the word out, though you do not HAVE to in order to participate in the contest.  I'm just asking as a favor.  Also, just mentioning the contest in/on your entry post would help a lot!

New Discord Channel
Want to chat about Abandoned Shit? Swap stories/locations? Make suggestions for the contest or themes?? Join me on the official ASW Contest Discord channel here: Abandoned Shit Weekly Chat

That's it!  Let's see some cool abandoned stuff! Good Luck!

^^^Here's the photo used for the contest logo above. I found these two cars sitting along a remote stretch of road in Death Valley National Park. Holy bullet holes, right?

Make sure to follow @customnature to keep up with all Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest happenings!


a work of art!

I think that must qualify as one of those "turning refuse into new wildlife sanctuaries". I've seen them do it for underwater reefs and stuff but it's fun that there's one we can see without learning to dive!

You are invited to my town, it is something impressive

I DONT KNOW WHERE OR WHAT THAT IS...and at this point...im too afraid to ask!!!

Great pic though!!!

Tiran Island Shipwreck

Full story is here: https://steemit.com/photofeed/@axeman/tiran-island-shipwreck

I will start sorting through my abandoned zeppelin photos immediately! It will be so hard to choose! ;) So glad to see this contest is building momentum...keep up the good work. Upvoted & resteemed!

lol I'm glad someone caught that.

Great post, @vascoracing! If you haven't already, I would suggest that you post your link in a reply directly to @customnature rather than my comment just to make sure it gets seen.

The discord invite link didn't work for me, it says that it is expired.

Thank you for informing me! Can you try it now and see if it's fixed?

It worked for me this time.

This one already!! I makes me think about pirates and seabattles instantly! :)

It that in Bimini?

yup click the link to learn about it.

I love this contest! I've seen so many people posting over the last two weeks. I'm in awe of the amount of abandoned shit people see around. Sadly, I don't think I'll be contributing much to this but consider me a fan!

Well, thanks for supporting the contest either way! There's abandoned shit everywhere; its a hallmark of mankind. I'm sure you can find some... just start to keep your eyes peeled!

I better start searching if i want to impress @donvee

People are cheating please search Google for their images used

I've resteemed sorry I can't upvote my power is too low, and i will also tell my friends to resteem

Thanks for resteeming and spreading the word!

Beautiful ppstingan, thanks to share

reesteem. follow

wonder how long they been sitting there!

If this were a Craigslist ad, it would probably say "ran when parked"

I'd love to know what era they are from. I don't know cars at all. I'd guess maybe 1930's or 40's??? Maybe earlier?

Yeah man who knows, not much left on those classics.. but Bullet Holes For Days...LOL

The one in the foreground is a 1955 Buick Special. The other one is probably a 1946-48 Pontiac.

Does the other side help identify it?ASWweek3picB.jpg

Yup, I was close, it's an Olds, 1946-1948. Has to be those years, since US auto manufacturers were not building cars during WWII, and in 1949 there was a complete restyle of all GM cars. But, I was half-right, because the Pontiac and Olds used the same body, just with slightly different tweaks. This shot shows me the arch of the rear wheelwell being more rounded as opposed to squarish like the Pontiac. Also, the Pontiac would have 3 ribs in the lower fenders. Here's a pic of a 1947 Pontiac (top) and a 1947 Olds (bottom) to compare.1947.jpg

Nice Work!

Your post has been upvoted and resteemed by @yourluckyphotos.

Your photography will be featured in today's lucky 10 showcase, and given a lottery number in the January 2018 "Lucky Photo Lottery" for a chance of winning free Steem Dollars.

thanks for the information

I love this contest ....abandoned shit week!!!!!!

Yeah yeah, babe! i'm going to make my post RN!!!!

Yo en realidad no hablo mucho ingles, pero vamos a darle, jajaja.

I like the car that your photo looks so cool....:)

i'm ready! here's my post

Cool contest, and right up my alley ;-) Abandoned shit is some of my favorite things to investigate and photograph!!!

Not so easy to find new topics. looking forward to your creative ideas :)

Here goes a very humble entry I saw on my wander yesterday. https://steemit.com/hiking/@creationofcare/bushwacking-in-borea

Hi guys here my entry
Armored Military Car - Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.3


Some people are cheating please search Google for their entries

Thanks for the heads up. I did already find one person cheating and flagged them.

Love this contest - here’s my entry


Hi, thanks for this contest and here is my entry. https://steemit.com/aswcontest/@zararina/abandoned-shit-weekly-contest-3-my-entry

Also resteemed this post to my almost 1400+ followers. :)

I only have power to Upvote otherwise I would have hit the Resteem button as well.

Here is the link to my entry into this weeks contest!

My entry for abondoned vehicles contest 🚙 :-)

This is such a cool contest @customnature!
Lots of subject matter abounds when we look lol

Congrats to the winners! Beautiful photography!

Here's my entry for this week's theme:


Good luck to all participants!



This entry is a correction of my first entry
please @customnature i hope you accept my new entry. Thank You
I decided to take this one by myself.

Here is my entry of an Abandoned Tow Truck I found in the middle of nowhere in the Saudi Desert: https://steemit.com/aswcontest/@extremejogging/abandoned-shit-weekly-contest-3-vehicles-abandoned-saudi-tow-truck



Guys you are probably getting lots of notifications from me. Sorry once again I am VERY NEW here. I have just upvoted lots of your stuff and resteemed all sorts of things thinking they were this post. I think this is the one you actually wanted me to resteem.

I also made what I thought was my entry on another thread. So I will add it here as this appears to be the correct one. Please let me know if I have done it wrong and also if you want me to do anything else.

Thanks guys, here is my entry...



The picture is one I have taken many times in different seasons. It is an old abandoned shed in #GlenEtive up in the #ScottishHighlands I visit here at least once per year and EVERY single year the old rusty Bike is still there, still propped up, its almost as if someone once placed it there with the intention of using it again momentarily. That moment appears never to have arisen so the bike, now rusted and ruined like the shed has just become part of the magic of Glen Etive.

You may struggle to see it but if you look close you will see it there. More over, I was hoping to add some mystery and inspire some people to actually go and check it out for themselves by visiting this amazing Glen. #aswcontest @customnature @donvee

Several people have posted this photo, so I know you did not take it yourself. IMG_5125.PNG

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