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The joys of working an archeological dig aren't even a little offset by the realization :

I am digging through someone’s old junk.

Our property, Snowslide Gulch, has been inhabited a minimum 100 years. We have a photo of some farmers who lived on this site back in the 1920’s when it was still being mined and cut for lumber.

I am told that this family (with a father who is not pictured) worked a garden and sold the produce to the mining and lumber companies that worked the area. The girl in this picture (as I was assured) was considered a local beauty.

Because our property is inaccessible by road (they tried one back in the 20's but it kept washing out and it was expensive to repair) people would bring large things over that they needed but they didn’t make a heroic effort to drag it back out when they were done using it.

@customnature’s “Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest” No. 3, ‘Vehicles’ reminded me of a few of the things stuck in our own personal dump. Hence I provide my submission:

abandonedCatAn old caterpillar tractor - click to enlarge

It’s hard to see in the pic, but the logo on the front above the nonexistent grill is quite clear

And just because they are there (not my entry), a couple more we have in the dump:

A flatbed utility truck - whatever is on the bed now is definitely a more recent gadgetty thing

And behind it, an old farm tractor that is almost completely buried under fall leaves.

To read more why we have all this 'Abandoned Shit':

Living in Luxury Off The Grid - with cable car adventures!
Living in Luxury Off the Grid - How the Tingle of Camo Ignites the Soul!

Read on at:


It's adventure time!😁😁


How many days ago the picture
actually sweety

Ohhhhhh. If only that caterpillar were a little more there you could get it hauled off pretty easy. That logo (an actual caterpillar) went away in the 1920s, and company colors were grey and black. Restored, they are worth just stupid money.

That newer gadget on the truck looks like it might be a portable mining dredge possibly. Lots of people have taken their shot at riches with them.

It's a great post that just intrigues me. Thank you.

A lot of people around here have gone looking. We have an old silver mine and several old copper mines in the area and people occasionally find garnets around here. I haven't seen anyone who found the ores but the largest garnet I've seen was about the size of a pea. The lady who found it has lived here all her life. A lot of the locals do that kind of looking just for fun. They seem to know places that are better than others to look. We also have a lot of fool's gold.

I like the old tractors. The caterpillar has been kept covered by a tarp which is so old it's beginning to rot. I really need to clean off the garden tractor and put a tarp over it too. I like it a lot better even though it doesn't have a brand name that I can find. I believe it is about the same vintage. I expect that the caterpillar was brought here with the miners or loggers. From how it looks now I can't even imagine someone being able to restore it. It's so rusted that you'd have to cut the parts to free them from each other! It would be really fun to see the thing put back together though. You can feel the history there.

Oxy-Acetolene causes rust to powder with enough heat. You might be able to break it down that way. It would be beyond fantastic to drag it out, and make it go again! :)

I also carry the title engineer, but they won't let me drive the train, ROFLOL! Working on Solar and wind, not enough waterflow for a turbine. Garnets are my Wife's favorite gemstone.

I know I am meant to be looking at the abandoned things, but my eyes went immediately to those ferns. They are gogeous. I love ferns. In fact, the little barn I made over lie a tiny house I have named Fern Cottage, mostly as an excuse to plant all types of ferns around it. It is in the shade of trees, but it is dry shade in Summer,so I have to be choosy about ferns as they mostly like moisture and I have to water water water like crazy between guests.

Oh and I really like your photos too. If you live where there is no regular road how do you get in and out? Stupid question, I am sure.

I don't blame you at all! I love the ferns too! The ones that don't die off in the winter (those you can see now) are about waist high. In the summer there are some that have runners underground that grow even taller in the summer along with some perennials and some really cute delicate-looking ones that grow close to the ground and are about the size of large dandelions. They're one of the things I like best here though they grow like weeds. I wish I could send you a truckload. I've seen what people pay for ferns that size. From where I live it's completely insane!

The road comes up adjacent to our property on the other side of the river. We park our cars there in a parking lot (also our land) and take a cablecar across the river. In the summer we have a crossing permit for vehicles that we can use for 2 weeks when the river is low enough and the salmon haven't yet started spawning. We use that time to haul anything large that doesn't fit on the cablecar.

We've had a satellite installation guy or 2 who (despite being warned) got all the way here then refused to cross in the cable car. It was very inconvenient and one company had to call a guy who was in a facility that is about 75 miles away to come and do the job.

For some pix:
Living in Luxury Off The Grid - With Cable Car Adventures!
Living in Luxury Off the Grid - How the Tingle of Camo Ignites the Soul!

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