Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.9 - 'Graveyards!' #aswcontest

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Siquijor Graveyards (Siquijor)


The island of Siquijor itself is nationally known for its reputation of voodoo and dark magic. Claimed as the island of many witches, the reputation it somehow earned is the exact reason why tourist are either attracted or repelled by it. But contrary to all the supernatural rumors, Siquijor is one of the most beautiful and charming island I’ve ever set foot in. The mystical and enchanting appeal will have you wanting to explore each and every corner of this beautiful underrated paradise. But one of the spookiest spot here is the cemetery right by the ocean, just a few minutes away from the town center and the port. Imagine a small, old, rugged graveyard site right by the main street with the beautiful turquoise ocean as the backdrop. Spooky? Beautiful? Original? You tell me