Do You Remeber Why You're Here? If your life is STUCK... READ THIS:

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Recently I realized my life was stuck in place. All the main issues and problems in my life keep coming back. It may be with different people and circumstances but, it's the same type of problems over and over.

The big "Why Are We Here?" question probably means something different to all of us. We are all on different missions and while I haven't fully figured it out mine yet, I'm trying my best now to keep moving forward.

Like many of us in this hi-tech world, I have a lot of tools at my disposal. I just haven't been able to put it all together lately. I decided to clear my mind and ask myself this: why are things this way and what I can do to change them?

There are a lot of different answers but I wanted to keep it simple. An honest critique of myself made me realize I need to be more organized and follow through with things. My first step was a simple one. I started making lists of what I need and want to do.

It was a small and simple step that has had a big impact so far. That's not saying there aren't setbacks. Life includes constant obstacles to overcome but overall, things are moving forward again.

I think we have to keep learning, especially from the past and our mistakes. Even when things are at their worst, if you don't stop trying, you're doing great!

Remember, if your life is stuck or surrounded with problems just stop and clear your mind. Ask what you can do to make it better. Then ask how you can do it and put your plan in motion.

I hope this helps anyone who is in a similar situation.


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