My first authentic post about becoming the best version of me on steemit to a new world audience!

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This is my blog, a journal of how I am changing my life to become a successful entrepreneur with a millionaire mindset

What I believe so far....

  1. The best way to learn is to teach others what I have learnt.
  2. Trust my intuition
  3. Act don’t think 10 second rule
  4. Consistency wins
  5. Failures come as lessons so just change course

Conclusion: I will teach and promote:

My Goal is to Become the best version of Myself and enjoy the never ending journey


I am in charge of my own thoughts, feelings, actions and results. To move forward I must ask myself questions.

Question 1

What can I do to make sure I stay focused and keep learning new positive traits and don’t fall back in to my old subconscious negative beliefs?


The most important thing is Mindset and attitude.

So I create a vivid, colorful, exact vision. Believe it is true. Act like it is already happening and start to live the life of my dreams.



Listen to motivational videos first thing in the morning.
Study positive and successful people
Associate with positive successful people
Learn how to become more positive and successful
Listen to uplifting music this is a game changer!

Ah that’s all well and good but…

Question 2

How do I get around that voice in my head that’s alerting me and telling me all the things I have learnt and heard from other people since the day I was born saying things like- this isn’t a good idea, I shouldn’t do this, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I am not like those people, what will others think, who do you think you are to do this?


I thank myself for the alert say that I am grateful for the information but now I am safe and I am moving on with new positive beliefs from the new people and ideas that I have in my life. Please Chill out because life is getting better for me. I am not acknowleding any more negative feedback.

Question 3

How do I get started on my new vision of a great life?


It is very Simple I just create new small positive daily habits in every area of my life. This is going to take time. I only ever work on one new daily habit at a time. Otherwise I become overwhelmed and then I give up and do nothing.

Here are 3 tips to take onboard:

Act don’t think- Just do it
Consistency wins every time – Keep going
Failures come as lessons- You may need to make small changes but carry on.

Question 4

What daily habits do I currently have that are changing my life to help me become positive, achieve health in body and mind, be more successful in my personal life and become financially abundant?


I have been interested in positivity for near on 10 years but I never knew how to create the law of attraction. I now make it a daily study. All I can say is it works for me. Here is a list of my current daily habits. I continually add to them or tweak them. This is a life journey. Life is the prize and I already have it. My goal is to live the best version of it and help others to see the benefits of waking up to this theory.

My current daily habits include:

  1. Wake up 6am and 7.30am naturally I never use an alarm
  2. Meditate or hypnosis for 20 mins as soon as I wake up
  3. Study for 30 mins either read a chapter or listen to YouTube
  4. Get out of bed and do exercises immediately listening to a motivation video
  5. Have my Tea and shake with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  6. Take care of all my animals
  7. Do Posts based on what I learnt that morning
  8. Do lead generation tasks and make appointments for work
  9. Contact friends/family
  10. Take time for myself Hobbies/self-care/visit friends/party
  11. Planning/tracking/accountability/Goals/celebrate success
  12. Go to bed when I am tired normally 10.30 -11pm
  13. Listen to sleep mediation or hypnosis to fall asleep

This may seem very boring and structured when you first read it. Because it is not the normal. But I try to live my life with purpose. I try to be accountable for every hour.

95% of people live life unconsciously they don’t know what they do for most of the day, they live life on auto pilot, spend hours consuming media that is usually fake and unfulfilling, think thoughts about their past and dwell on them for hours at a time or do jobs that are tedious to make money to survive day to day. This is ok as the way you live your life is your business and probably the only way you know how. I am here to help anyone who wants to make small changes to adopt a more fulfilling life.

It may be useful to know that approximately 5% of the population are Millionaires and 97% of Millionaires believe they are in charge of their own destiny and they have daily habits.
Having money is a great thing to strive for it allows us to enhance our lives and help others to do the same by contributing to society and tithing.

People that I currently follow to learn and get inspiration include:
Bob proctor
Dr. Joe Dispenser
Lewis Howes School of greatness

Books I currently read daily:
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
The Science of Getting Rich Wallace C Wattles
Change your life in 7 days Paul McKenna
The millionaire real estate agent Gary Keller

Do you believe in the law of attraction? What daily habits do you have? Please feel encouraged to share your inspiration with me.
Big Love to all Nikki xox