Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act - Lack of protection for the US citizen

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This is a continuation of the Exoneratist’s previous discussions, February 3 and February 5, 2018. The Exoneratist will explain two further violations of the rights of the US citizen, Carter Page. These are unacceptable and lawless.

  1. No protection in the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (the FISA Act) for US citizen, Carter Page, regarding representation

  2. No verification required by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (the FISA Court), regarding the application Dossier that was accepted, and

No credibility on the part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Justice (DOJ), or the Attorney General (AG), because they presented an unverified “salacious” Dossier with the application for warrant to the FISA Court.

US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, “aka FISA” (the FISA Act)

One of the basic rights in our Republic is the right to representation (an attorney) under the law. Every individual must be represented, unless that individual denies his/her right and represents pro se. Children in divorce cases are represented by a “Guardian ad litem.” Those individuals under legal disability are represented by a “Litigation Friend,” and the Court appoints an attorney in indigent cases. But Americans are surprised to realize that the FISA Act did not protect the right of Carter Page to have an attorney in his FISA Court proceeding.

More over the FBI and DOJ prepared the application for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page and they knew
Page had no representation in this case.

Also, the Attorney General was required to give his approval to the application, and when he gave his approval he also knew that Carter Page had no representation in this case.

And finally, the FISA COURT released a warrant authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter Page, KNOWING THAT PAGE HAD NO REPRESENTATION IN THEIR COURT.

US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, “aka FISC” (the FISA Court)

Another important right of our citizen, Carter Page, was not protected by the FISA Court, as literally no verification for the Steele Dossier was requested by the FISA Court.

Our citizenry does understand that our National Security necessitates classified information. However, the Steele Dossier was an important part of the application for the surveillance warrant against Carter Page, AND THE DOSSIER HAS BEEN TERMED BY THE DIRECTOR OF THE FBI AS “SALACIOUS AND UNVERIFIED.”

Now that Americans know the problem with this Dossier – and Americans know this Dossier was paramount in obtaining the warrant – Americans must ask why was the Dossier not thrown out by the FISA Court, or at the very least why didn’t the FISA Court request verification for this unverified document?

Certainly, as mentioned above, if Carter Page had been allowed representation, his representative would have requested verification for the Dossier.

Lastly, the DOJ, FBI and Attorney General presented this Dossier as an integral part of the application for warrant, knowing that it was, as the FBI director stated, salacious and unverified.

Carter Page says it has been more than a year that the surveillance has been on his emails, phone, texts etc., and yet no charge has been filed against him. His privacy, his rights, and his liberties have been totally abused by his own government.

As US citizens, we call for the US FISA Court to stop these violations of our rights immediately. And we ask these that these violations never occur in future US FISA Court activities.


ad Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges been told specifically who had financed an anti-Trump dossier used in a warrant allowing the FBI to spy on former campaign aide Carter Page, the request would have been refused, Rep. Jim Himes
If a FISA judge got an application that said Hillary Clinton and named United States organizations, he would have said this is a violation of our procedures where we mask the names of individuals, U.S. persons and U.S. organizations. He would have reprimanded the FBI for actually using the names of Americans in a FISA application
I read it recently from the news.

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