Life as a violinist - auditions

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I play violin since I was 16 years old and I came across with a lot of feelings. Love and hate at the same time. I keen on music, but I usually don't feel confortable when I get trough auditions.
Is the worst feeling in the world. You have to fight with your negative side , with the dar side, and is a battle that is too difficult to Win.

I have an audition at 19/12 and I want to share these days for 2 things.

  1. I want to read this when the audition ends and compare my feelings
  2. Help anyone who is in auditions times

Why do you get nervous when you are at auditions?

  • That moment when You are looking for a job, a scholarship, travel, money, conquest, being part of an orchestra...
    A lot of pèople told me that I wasn't good enough because my individuality. I do music. Sometimes I forgot to follow the rules and that is not correct for winning an audition.
    the most of the time im fighting to myself because I want to Win but also I want to be a musician and not became a gear or a music's clerk.
    If you want to play classical music you have to decide if you want to be one more or be One.
    sometimes "Being One" doesnt mean to win...

So, play with your heart. Beethoven is dead. People say he was correct or solemn. The truth is that society hates him as society hates you when you are listening to heavy metal and smoking weed. Im sure beethoven would smoke with us.

I choose being one and there isn't happy moments in my life...2016.jpg

I Want to share to you this cover of System of a down


Awesome to have a Vegan Witch here at Steemit, great cover as well!

Thanks 4 your welcome♥

I think your performance was outstanding, hopefully you'll outperform in audition as well

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Fantastic performance! And thanks for sharing your feelings.

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