This Time Last Year All The Mainstream Media Was Talking About Crypto!

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Welcome 2019 and when we look back to exactly one year ago all the media hype was about crypto with the bulk of it bwing about Bitcoin.

But then again, when we look at some of the historical data, last January was in fact 'out of the norm' to all the prior years, so January 2019 is a normal year in the world of crypto.


Is it all about the end of the calendar year, which is also the end of the fiscal year in many countries?

Could be.

Has it got anything to do with the overspending prior to Christmas and all the lunacy and spending/partying all the way through to 01 January?

Could be.

Although many an analyst will beg to differ, the fact is, humans are being humans and our spending habits are what they are!


But this is again, nothing but another "factor" among many other factors out there, as was proven in Q3 of 2017 and in January of 2018.


We could all list a number of things that could be affecting the market prices, so let's not go down that rabbit hole!


There was some talk about it in the mainstream media that did touch on the topics:

This time last year everyone was talking about Bitcoin — so what happened?

The key point brought out were:

Key points:

  • Bitcoin meet-ups saw hundreds of attendees when prices were high, but price crash saw numbers dwindle
  • Early adopters say cryptocurrency bubble saw growth of scams and bad media attention
  • Underlying blockchain technology continues to attract investment
It is definitely worth a read.

For the full article please go to:


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