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I just found out that Authorship will launch their Beta Website on 8 January 2018. See the blog post here

Authorship did their ICO a while back and their idea is to build a market place where Authors can place their writings (books) and sell them for Authorship (ATS) tokens, while interested parties can buy them for ATS tokens. This takes out the publishers and should bring down costs of books considerably. Everything is still a bit up in the air (for example, how will ratings work etc), but this is a project that has been seeing a steady price rise since the lows and is going up fast now with a Beta Website release upcoming.

The situation that Authorship is in is quite similar to Upfiring.

I do not think these are 100 x coins but they could see a substantial uptick in price once these projects move from Vaporware to Beta Software status.


What a weird world crypto is when the caveat, "I don't think these are 100 x coins" is a rational thing to write.

At some point, also the losses will be calculated in 100x 🙄

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