Mother’s Day!!!

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So Sunday was Mother’s day here in Australia. It is the one day a year we’re I get to do nothing!!! Well, that is the plan. My beautiful children make me breakfast, with the help of their dad, and I get to sleep in and drink tea all morning.

My morning started of perfect, laying in bed having snuggles with my little princess Miss 1. Who had been up most of the night with a little cold.


Unfortunately, making a hot breakfast for 8 people is not very easy and although he tries, my partners only cooking ability is the BBQ. So when you have to have three or four things going on the stove at once it can only lead to disaster.


It probably doesn’t help that all our children only eat certain things and they all like their eggs cooked in a different way, so when I heard screaming coming from the kitchen, I dragged myself out of bed and gave him a hand.


After assisting with the breakfast I made a hasty retreat back to the comfort of my nice warm bed. It has been absolutely freezing here at the minute and I was glad to be all snuggled up.

After the kids had left me in peace for as long as they could manage, they all came in and brought me gifts. I of course had already seen them when they were brought home from school and playgroup but I had my best surprised face ready and waiting.


Miss 1 and Miss 3 has made me lovely flowerpot cards, Miss 13 had also made me a card. But the biggest surprise was Master 7 who had not only fooled me by telling me his class had not made anything, but he had also managed to hide his creations all by himself until Sunday morning. I was so impressed.



My next big surprise was from Master 5, I knew he had been working on something in class, but I was so proud of what he brought home. He has so much difficulty colouring and drawing and he had created not one, but three gifts for me.


I found out today when his teacher asked if they had made it home that he spent 3 days last week working on his little projects for me. Even giving up his lunch time play to keep working on them when he still hadn’t finished by Friday.


I was moved to tears right there in the classroom. I know how hard it must of been for him and the effort that he had gone to for me was just beautiful. He had even managed to cut his own picture out, a massive achievement, as he is unable to use scissors properly.


All three of my boys also brought me some beautiful candles. In true ASD style, Master 10 walked over to the Mother’s Day stall, purchased his candles and promptly brought them straight back to the car for me to look after. His bluntness and inability to grasp certain situations just crack me up. Even as his friends were trying to tell him to hide them in his bag, he just didn’t get it. It was hilarious.


After gifts the rest of my day was spent just spending time with my babies and hanging out at home, although it was a lovely day outside it was to cold to take my munchkins out (they don’t handle heat or cold very well) so we were all content to just be together.


I truly am blessed to get to be their mother. Every day they surprise me. Their beautiful little smiles just melt my heart and I couldn’t be prouder of any of them.


Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, but it is also the most rewarding and inspiring thing I have ever done in my life. My world is complete thanks to my beautiful children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.



It is the day that we have to show our love towards our beloved mother.

That it is.

What a great Mother's Day for you and the family. Yes it when they do such sweet things that makes all the hardships and sacrifices worthwhile.
Love all the cards and gifts you have received.
Have a Blessed and Happy Mother's Day which you well deserved. God Bless

Thank you,
The cards and pictures just made my day. Plus those little candles smelled so good, I can’t wait to burn them.

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, but it is also the most rewarding and inspiring thing I have ever done in my life. My world is complete thanks to my beautiful children.

Aww this is so nice, im so happy about this

I give this poem to you, i wrote it on mothers day

This verse goes to my mother, and every mother in the world
A visionary of visionaries
A Falcon a super falcon
A Moulder, builder and my first supporter
With womb as heavy as a pot of timely dynamite
With feet swollen in anticipation of the birth of an heaven sent
With heart heavy in the desire of a glorious born she birthed me
Oh my mother covered in clothes of courage and robed in strength of a thousand Angel's, coated in alluring fragrance of the sweetest honey in the comb of life, encapsulated in her love for me
Journeying in my imaginations, understanding my dreams and minding my thoughts
My moulder, my builder and my first supporter
Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for being a super mum

That’s beautiful.

I’m so glad to hear how wonderful your Mother’s Day was. It’s the little things that our kids do that make us feel special, especially when we know how much effort goes into those little things. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I always enjoy hearing about your stories. You are truly a wonderful mom.

Thank you,
The little things are the most important and often the moments we take for granted.

Awww this is amazing. Quite emotional. Happy mother’s day @mumofmany. You’re blessed with such awesome kids and they are right , you’ve been the best mom to your kids. It so nice to see this family love

Thank you,
It was a vey emotional moment. The effort Master 5 made was exceptional, I was so proud.

Happy mothers day