NIOX Hold for Airdrop Campaign: Rules and Guidelines

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• NIO holders who wish to participate in the airdrop will be required to lock their holdings for successive set periods of time, referred to as “Hold Tiers”. These periods will occur at intervals of: 23 days, 45 days, 90 days, 180 days.

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• The airdrop quantities will increase over time with the progression of each Hold Tier. For example, after the first period of 23 days, participants will qualify to receive 5 NIOX airdropped for each 100 NIO they hold in their wallet. After 45 days, they qualify for 10 NIOX to be airdropped for each 100 NIO they hold. After 90 days, they qualify for a 15 NIOX airdrop for each 100 NIO. At the conclusion of the final Hold Tier of 180 days, participants qualify for an airdrop of 20 NIOX for each 100 NIO that is held according to the rules. Assuming full participation in the Hold for Airdrop campaign, this will result in 50 NIOX being airdropped for each holding of 100 NIO tokens at the conclusion of the 338 day period.

• An initial snapshot will be made before the first Hold Tier of 23 days begins and will be announced only after it has taken place. Subsequent snapshots will be made during the event for easier management of the amounts airdropped as participants successfully climb the Hold Tiers. Therefore, token holders must ensure that they have prepared beforehand for the Hold for Airdrop event by limiting token movements out of their public address.

• It is each token holder’s sole responsibility to be informed and prepared for the Hold for Airdrop event. The Autonio team holds no responsibility to inform all event participants beyond the initial publication of these rules and guidelines.

• NIOX for all Hold Tiers will only be airdropped at the conclusion of the 338 day campaign and once a subsequent verification period has completed.

• In the event NIO tokens are moved from the snapshot address, the participant will lose the benefit of receiving further NIOX. This means that in order to receive 50 NIOX over the span of 338 days for each of their holdings of 100 NIO, participants are required to keep the NIO in the same wallet and not alter the snapshot amount by diminishing it over that period.

• There is a possibility to add tokens to your held amount of NIO and still qualify to receive the corresponding NIOX airdrop. The updated airdrop being applied from that point onward.

• You must hold your tokens in an address visible from public Ethereum blockchain explorers, such as Etherscan, Ethplorer, etc. They cannot be held in an exchange wallet to qualify for the NIOX airdrop.

• The NIOX tokens will be unlocked after the event ends (at the end of the 338-day period), regardless of how many Hold Tiers participants progressed though.

• The amount of NIO tokens must be held for the entire duration of the hold tiers in the same wallet.

• To allow for a better understanding of the rules, some examples of possible scenarios are illustrated below:

• For example: wallet no. 1 has 100 NIO tokens, after 23 days it is eligible for a 5% airdrop of NIOX. This progresses with the rest of the Hold Tier milestones as participants hold their NIO throughout the 338-day period. However, if a participant were to add 10 NIO to the wallet during day 24, then it will be airdropped 5% of 100 NIO from the first 23 days, and from days 23-68 10% of 110 NIO, 68-158 15% of 110 NIO, etc. If they added 90 NIO more on the 157th day, then it will be airdropped all the previous NIOX in addition to 20% of 200 NIO for the last 156-338 days.

• If this wallet were to diminish its NIO holdings after 22 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes following the snapshot, it will receive no NIOX airdrop. Participants will have to wait for the full 23 days to be eligible to receive 5% of your NIO holdings in NIOX. These will be distributed after the Hold for Airdrop event ends (338 days after the snapshot) and the NIOX tokens get unlocked.

•If a participant were to move 10 NIO out of the wallet on the 69th day, then they would only qualify for the Hold Tier 1 (holding from 0-23 days, 5% NIOX airdrop of total NIO held), plus Hold Tier 2 (holding from the 23-68 days, receiving 10% NIOX airdrop of NIO held). The wallet would then be disqualified from receiving further NIOX rewards.

• After the Hold for Airdrop event ends and 338 days pass, there will be an additional 18-day period that will allow for checking and verification. This will be done to ensure the correct distribution of NIOX tokens takes place for all the eligible NIO holders who successfully participated in each of the Hold Tiers.

• Communication will take place throughout the event period, announcing the status of NIO holder wallets that participate in the Hold for Airdrop event.


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