It doens't look ugly at all. Have you tried steepshot?

Thank you. I was talking about the post overall, the title was a mess in the beginning, the tags were wrong, and everything still looks like a huge mess of a post. I'll have to play a little bit with the settings.

Yes, I've tried steepshot, but I don't like its functionality that much. And I decided to give this one a try. Plus, you post both on instagram and steem at the same time instead of making separate posts for each.

I don't see anything ugly either. I love the sun shining through the tree branches.

Thanks. I'm fine with the image. The post is messy though. :D

Nice. I will have to check out its progress.

Haha, thank you. ;)

The main issue would be the low resolution that IG posts that I can see ?

Now that you mention it, I noticed how bad the IG version looks like compared to the one on my computer. I put the resolution at 1080 wide, to match the one on IG, but the quality is a lot worse than what I have.

I might check to see how steepshot compresses it. Maybe it's better than IG.

You should also check out APPICS.

Is it out already? I thought it's still in development and not yet out there.

The beta is out. If you can get though their waiting list ;-)

I'm already subscribed since a few months ago, but haven't yet received any email letting me know about the beta.

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