Visit to the Cave of Guacharo some of the most important Natural Monuments of South America.

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They sent me to do a job in a place in Venezuela called Caripe El Guacharo, in Monagas state, for that reason I decided to investigate something about that place and my great surprise was that it is called "The Garden of the East". Its fame is due to its climate, where vegetables, oranges and coffee are grown and its proximity to the Guácharo Cave considered one of the most important natural monuments of South America, this cave awoke the worm of curiosity that we carry inside and I continued investigating .

For my biggest surprise this cave is formed by sedimentary rocks that formed 130 million years ago, in the Mesozoic era and the name of this cave is for a bird that lives in it called Guácharo and this bird is nocturnal adapted to live in darkness, which only leave the cave in crepuscular and nocturnal hours when they go out in search of food. In the afternoon when the birds leave the cave in large flocks, to find their food. In the night flight, the guácharos travel up to 120 km. away to look for fruits and greasy seeds.

Well with this and some more research I went to work at that site and the next day I arrived at the place, the first thing I found was a very large bronze statue with the shape of the bird (Guacharo), it is a mountain village very picturesque and cozy with a very nice climate with something cold I imagine it is for the time of year I went (March).



That day I dedicated myself to work as much as I could to take some time the next day to go find that cave that has some mystery.
The next day, at noon, I went to the place where this cave is located, on the way you notice the change in the place you come from a rural area and suddenly change to a mountainous and very wooded area with vegetation never before seen by me
I drove in the vehicle for about 15 minutes and came to the place I found a building where a headquarters of Ranger, as the cave and its surroundings are considered National Park (to protect all geological and biological processes) of the area and was named the first Natural Monument of Venezuela.




I start my tour of the place in search of that mysterious cave and when I arrived at the place I was surprised to see something so big, so strange and of a beauty out of this world.





On the way to the entrance of the cave I find one of the ranger, who very kindly received me and indicated that the entrance to the cave was somewhat restricted by the rain in the area and that inside the cave comes a small stream Naturally and for safety reasons, they were not letting anyone pass by, not to increase their flow and be dangerous.
I insisted a little to the ranger and he let me pass a meter and my astonishment was such to be inside a cave more than 20 meters high by more than 25 meters wide. It started to rain a little harder and I really decided to leave because the little river was growing little by little, when I left I asked the ranger what time it was the birds' departure to look for food and he indicated that between 6:40 and 7:00 at night, emphasizing that this exit was the most emblematic of the place, for that reason I decided to retire and return before that time and see that show.




I worked a little more and I got ready to go to see the exit of the Guacharos, I arrived at the site around 6:10 in the afternoon so I had to wait a while per at 6:45 at night, I started to hear some slight screams but as the minutes passed the noise at the entrance of the cave was increasing rapidly and birds were seen coming out of the cave, but at 7:05 at night the squeak of the birds was very loud but It was not stunning and the birds flew around all of us that were present, among the noise and the birds flying the adrenaline goes up a lot but it is something spectacular that everyone should see and enjoy.


Around 8:30 in the night I decided to retire from the place to go to rest since I had to work the next day and for my biggest surprise when I was in the vehicle I had to stop violently, because one of those Guacharos was in the middle of the road , I went down to see him and see if he could help the bird but every time I approached the bird began to scream very loud, I began to detail and was not hurt is that the light of the vehicle is bad for them and leaves them with something of blindness and I understood why they go out at night to look for food and live inside that dark cave and that the light of day hurts them, something similar to owls and bats, as I could with a branch that I got I was approaching from the road to one side so that they would seriously hurt another vehicle.

Well it could not be more exciting to visit this famous cave with the encounter with that bird so close and help to conserve the life of one of them


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your post was great, the photos, how you described it all !!!! very cool!!!

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thank you for taking a time and read it

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