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RE: Airport Lighting Systems - How to safely operate airports day and night, regardless of weather.

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Very good article as usual, Alex. Quick unrelated question - when I browse with the Busy plug-in for Chrome on Android, next to the rewards of your post (but not other posts) there is a small "lightning" symbol. Any idea what it means?


Very good question indeed.
In the internal market, the SBD is pegged to the value of 1$. Whenever the SBD is less than 1$, you might get more rewards by powering up ALL your rewards and not splitting it 50/50. This way you get no SBD but the resulting extra 50% Steem you get you get pegged at 1$
Or this is the theory, lol :)

Anyway at the moment the blockchain produces no SBD at all, you get liquid steem. Which you can power up