Steemleo Tribe launches a DEX: Decentralized Exchange on the Steem-Engine Sidechain

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I just found out the Steemleo Trube has launched a DEX, which is a Steemleo Tribe DEX frontend with Steem-Engine DEX backend. This provides exclusivity for those Tokens which pay 1000 Leo to be listed. A fascinating LEO sink furthering coin scarcity and ultimately value, not to mention being the only coin in the Tribe with their own exchange. Awesome!


From the news release:

The SteemLeo DEX:
Mobile Friendly (using the steemwallet app for keychain support)
Lightning Fast (try loading a token on there and see for yourself 😉)
A Clean UI With SteemLeo Branding
Supports Coinzilla Ads (which means more LEO going to null!)
Current Token Support
Currently, the following tokens can be traded on our interface:

We can support any Steem-Engine tokens and in the future, we'll support SMTs as well.

How to List Your SE Token on
Launch Pricing (First 7 Days) = 1,250 LEO sent to @null

After Launch Pricing = 2,000 LEO sent to @null

Check out more information here

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Interesting....what I hope to see is some type of loan service for leo holders....

Interesting. What would that look like?

Just like neoxian does for steem holders, the user who needs the loan offers his accounts master keys as collateral till the loan is paid, if the user defaults on agreement, the account will be powered down till loan is paid in full. Something like that

Interesting. Neoxian loans Steem to account holders. They power it up, use it to make Steem and pay him back a fixed rate of interest. He is a private lender. Hmmm. Do any of the Tribes Tokens have this feature?

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