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Axnet, the new exchange that is both centralized and decentralized.

The cryptocurrency market is growing every day and many exchanges have emerged in recent months.
To date the capitalization of cryptocurrency amounts to 200 trillion but in the near future, the valuation will reach several trillion.

As for traditional banks, it is important that there are several players in the field of trade, Binance dominates today the market and yet it exists only for 1 year.

AXN, the Axnet token is based on the ethereum ERC-20 standard. It is used to pay fees on Axnet platform transactions, so with AXN tokens the fees are reduced by 50%. Fees starts at 0.1%!

Axnet's platform is highly secure so you will not be stolen by hackers.
Unlike other platforms or customer service is almost nonexistent Axnet has set up a structure that responds to customers within 1 day, the service is available 24/7.

Axnet wants to be a complete exchange not only between cryptocurrency, so you can convert your money Fiat Cryptocurrency with the following currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, GPB, indeed Axnet has a license to use the money Fiat on the platform which is a great advantage, you will never miss the opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency at the right time!
Axnet has unveiled a powerful hardware to support 2 million orders per second. With so much computing power, the exchange will still be operational even with many users.

The application creates and a great simplicity and it is intuitive which is really good for trading easily.
I told you in the title that the exchange was centralized and decentralized.

The Fiat money deposits are made on the centralized exchange and cryptocurrency exchanges on the decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, the funds purchased on the exchange are stored on a cold wallet for more security.

The tokes distributed to the founders are subject to a 4 year lock. The tokens distributed to the big investors (angels investors) are blocked during 2 years. This prevents the holders from selling the tokens and lowering the price.
In order to increase the price of the token over time, Axnet will devote 20% of the net profit to gradually buy the tokens and destroy them. (Binance has the same practice). The limit is set at the destruction of 500 million tokens.

During ico the price of the token is fixed at 2000 AXN per 1ETH.
the ICO is going on right now.
Axnet's calendar is ambitious and the launch of the platform is scheduled for September 2018.

My opinion on this project:
I think Axnet has the keys to becoming a leader in the industry. Based in Estonia, new eldorado and pro crypto country. The project is innovative in every way. I believe in this project because the whitepaper is transparent and ambitious.
The market is competitive with many projects related to trade but with the future adoption of cryptocurrency there is room for many platforms if they are reliable and above all have a reliable customer service as is the case of Axnet. And I remind you that Axnet has a license for Fiat licenses which is a huge advantage!


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