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Babypink is a blockchain-based digital token that strives to become the primary digital asset for the global DeFi market.
The project is the first of its kind to bring together a range of lending and financing solutions on one platform, with a single token as its primary medium of exchange.
Babypink aims at providing:
A single utility token built to support the entire DeFi industry and foster decentralization
An ecosystem where borrowers and lenders can access a broad range of financial products seamlessly and efficiently without the need for intermediation from third party service providers or centralized institutions
A community where users can actively contribute towards building a better environment for the DeFi industry through user participation and feedback
The main pillars of Babypink's platform include: (1) Smart Loan, (2) Marketplace, (3) Reward Vouchers, (4) Crypto Exchange, (5) Digital Bank, (6) Decentralized Custodianship System, and (7) Open API. Each service will be supported by Babypink's proprietary Babypink Token (BPC).

PinkSale is a two-stage DeFi project that aims to revolutionize the DeFi sector by adding an additional layer on top of the existing blockchain technology. PinkSale is the first token with Babypink rewards which are redeemable on the PinkSale platform.

Why PinkSale?
PinkSale aims to give the DeFI sector a much needed facelift and introduce a new and efficient method for storing digital assets, making payments and transferring money globally. The service will be underpinned by smart contracts that perform peer-to-peer transactions in real time.
The smart contract technology ensures that all transactions are secure, transparent and immutable. Market participants can transact freely without fear of losing their hard-earned assets through theft or hacking.
The team has developed a set of smart contracts to deploy the PinkSale exchange and wallet based on RSK network. This network provides high security and scalability to ensure stable operations for both Android and iOS apps for users in all continents. The marketplace will be designed to provide a seamless user experience where users can access all related services in one place: payments, storage and exchange of crypto assets in fiat currencies.*
The Babypink tokens have been designed to operate in a way which allows the investor to earn more tokens when they exchange their existing tokens. This is a major addition to what is on offer in the current DeFi market and it will add value to the project in a big way.


This is how it works:
When you buy your first Babypink token, you have made an investment. This investment earns you a regular return in PinkSale tokens for holding Babypink tokens. As a holder of a certain amount of Babypink Tokens, you earn more PinkSale tokens at regular intervals. When you convert your Babypink tokens, you can trade them for PinkSale tokens at any time.
The Babypink token is a DeFi project, using the Ethereum ERC20 standard. The token is an investment vehicle in the company which in turn has interests in projects in the financial services industry.
The company plans to expand its interests in projects in the financial services Industry by issuing PinkSale tokens that will be used as rewards for its members. The Babypink token can be used to invest funds into projects in which the company has interest.
The sale of PinkSale tokens are intended to be used as a reward for loyal customers who use the platform to make purchases.
The sale of PinkSale tokens are intended to be used as rewards for referrals, with each successful referral earning 10% commission for the referrer, and 5% commission for the referee.
The PinkSale token can be used for payment of commissions on any product or service provided by any member of Babypink community or its partners. The use case is limitless!
Babypink is a new and first of its kind project on the market. The first ever DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project, focused on the financial needs of the youth and targeted on empowering women. Babypink is created with a vision to make a difference in the lives of people and to give them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Babypink will be launching as a masternode coin on various exchanges as time progresses. Babypink aims to create economic opportunities for people - especially those who are financially excluded from participating fully, either by virtue of their gender or their age (youth).

Babypink will be the first ever self-governing social impact platform in its category where it works society like never before. This open source platform has absolutely no discrimination when it comes to geographical boundaries, crypto knowledge or monetary status. People working in underdeveloped countries can contribute to local causes through this platform and earn rewards in the form of pink tokens.
The essence of this platform is that unlike other typical developed country based projects which use users' money in order to conduct charity, in this project it is the users themselves who decide in which cause they would like to contribute in their local community or even globally through their donations so that they
Babypink is a token that provides value and rewards to its holders. The value derived from the token is also invested back into the platform to support its growth and development.


PinkSale as rewards

Babypink distributes 50% of its income as cash back in Pinksale tokens to holders of Babypink tokens. PinkSale enables users to shop online at the PinkSale marketplace, which has over 500 stores listed at launch, including Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, AliExpress and more. Users have access to over 250 million products across categories including fashion, electronics, health & beauty, baby & kids products.

Babypink is also an Ethereum based token that powers the digital asset exchange platform Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) for users to perform peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading with their peers on the blockchain using the Babypink token as payment for fees incurred by using DAxP services.
The babypink token is designed with the following features:
The token will be used for all transactions on DAxP's platform. This includes listing fees, transaction fees and oracle fees which are officially paid in Ethereum but will be converted into Babypink tokens before being

We live in a globalized world. This is a fact that most of us take for granted. In fact, it is a fact that many of us have yet to appreciate fully. Our lives are intertwined with the lives of people from countries far from our own. These people don't look like us, they don't always think like us and they certainly don't always act like us. Yet, we still find a way to relate to one another and make use of this diversity in a mutually beneficial manner.
This is something that has been going on for thousands of years now. It has been going on for so long that we have come to view it as inevitable. However, it wasn't always this way. In fact, there was a time when the entire concept was unheard of. The only way in which people were connected was through their community or tribe. Everyone else was viewed with suspicion and hostility.

How To Buy BabyPink?
Step 1
download & setup Metamask or TrustWallet.
Step 2
buy & send BNB to Metamask or TrustWallet. BEP-20 addresses start with "0x…"
Step 3
go to swap exchanges i.e. PanCakeSwap, PinkSwap, Poocoin or Dextool to buy BabyPink (BBPINK).
Step 4
add BBPINK contract address to view & HODL. BBPINK CA (TBA)
Step 5
add PINKSALE token address to receive your rewards. PINKSALE CA 0x602bA546A7B06e0FC7f58fD27EB6996eCC824689

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