Just Another Day In The Swamp

With sadness of heart, I share the news of yet another hero who is a victim of the swamp. Lewis Arthur, barring a miracle, appears to be on his way to a minimum 7-10 year prison sentence for his passionate battle against those who profit from the drug and human slave trade. His final act of defiance one which saw him enter a trap they had laid for him, knowing his penchant for destroying the tax payer funded water barrels set out for the traffickers by Humane Borders. Barrels set as far as 60 miles from that border that is walked across daily.

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I won’t rehash the 40 plus articles I wrote on his valiant efforts, they are there for those who are curious. I will say to the naysayers who belittle him that it is a given that everything he describes taking place in that desert is agreed upon by all the experts, regardless of political leaning. The rapes (80% of all central/south American women crossing), the violence, the human trafficking, etc. No one in their right mind believes that was a homeless camp he initially discovered. Homeless people don’t build shelters with solar panels, they don’t operate computers with video editing software. And they don’t keep their children imprisoned in a septic tank buried in the ground. Among the many other things found at that camp that don’t add up.

All the experts agree (and have for decades before he found that camp) what is taking place out there. Just not when one of the citizens believes WE THE PEOPLE own this country and have the authority to say NOT IN MY BACK YARD! Suddenly, when one of us rallies others to go do something about these atrocities, it still exists, just never where someone looking to stop it ever is, never evidence if one of us find it.

Here are two of my many posts covering this man’s love for his brothers and our children, and others who have been dealing with this issue for many years.



This man has given his life to lifting others up, first the homeless vets who commit suicide 22 times per day. Then to trying to call attention to the truth of that no mans land, the truth on the pain and misery taking place. In their first attempt to punish him, they closed down the camp he built with others of caring heart rescuing these vets. Burdened on the hardships his brothers he loves endured from this punishment to get at him, he nevertheless continued on. Thoughts of the terror those women and children endure the impetus to strive to drain this swamp.

Speaking of draining the swamp, it has not gone unnoticed that the President has ignored what takes place out there, other than in convenient sound bites. If he really wanted to drain the swamp, he would have never let this situation escalate to the point Lewis felt driven to the extremes he went to. It looks more likely by the day that there is to be no draining of the swamp, and the lifelong democrat who won as a republican was simply reading from a script to appeal to those who have been waking up. Buying a little more time as they continue to rub our faces in their corruption, such as we see taking place on the international stage with the drugged up Julian Assange, who is evidently not meant to have any coherency of mind towards his own defense.

We live in a time where those who would see justice are touted as the criminals, while those whose hands are deep in the dirt grind them under the heels of so called justice. The President can still step into this, and see his way to helping Lewis regain his freedom as he puts a stop to what is going on out there. But it won’t be a surprise if he doesn’t. It’s much easier to pretend to care as long as there aren’t any specifics that can be acted on now.

I sensed they would act soon, after he found the Geneva Convention banned warheads emptied out in that desert.


Please keep him and his family in your prayers. The fear and uncertainty must feel overwhelming, despite their strong faith in God. He walked strong in his conviction that he was doing God’s work, and as anyone who has read the bible knows that most often leads to many trials and tribulations. Many of those closest to him abandoned him.

To send him mail, address it to:

Michael Meyer
Booking # 190805040
P.O. Box 951
Tucson, Arizona 85702

I'm sure he would appreciate any support you might offer.


Haven't yet had a chance to see all your articles, @practicalthought. It's certainly a noble action, on your part, and his. I'm read in on these specifics. But, sadly, the powers that control all elected leaders will never let a few good men upset their efforts to consume the USA and then discard it like a rotting carcass.

Pretty sure you know this in your heart to be true. The same is happening in all the (European) Western countries. I wish others were so informed, impassioned and selflessly committed to the salvation of their nation and people.

As you are among a small group of respected friends on this platform who has consistently published articles that make logical sense, often in an entertaining way, I would consider it an honour if you saw fit to send me a an occasional reminder, in the form of a reply, for any breaking stories or important topics you write about. That way I can at least upvote and resteem.

The "feed" has, of late, become top-heavy with announcements, burying material that most needs the financial support and making it difficult to manually select and upvote favoured content creators.

Thank you. I don't post often, but will try to remember to nudge you when I do.

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