Bancor in Bali

in #bali4 years ago (edited)

I went to Bitcoin Meetup in Bali this afternoon. I sat into Bancor's presentation together with some 20 other hard-core crypto people in a cool co-working space in Ubud, Bali.

You know Bancor raised some $153 million worth of Ether in their ICO last month in June. I never really spent the time to understand what it does, and today after two-hour session, I still didn't understand much. Besides, I think it makes low liquidity token more liquid using "BNC smart token" and some mathematical formula. What do you think of Bancor? Do you understand what it does?

Anyway, some of us went to have dinner afterwards and it was a really nice vegetarian place. And the best part is I got 10% discount with paying in Bitcoin! Bitcoin is not dead yet!