Digital Nomads in Bali, Indonesia

in #bali4 years ago

I now spend about half a day at co-working space, Dojo Bali near Canggu Beach. I see so many seem like digital nomads here working and doing things on computers. I haven't been able to too many of them what they actually do but one of them was environmental science researcher working on a paper, other was video editor working on some tour promotion footage for his client.

I think many people are from Australia and New Zealand because of geographical proximity but I also see many people from Europe. People seem to go for surfing, swimming, meditation etc in the morning and then, come to co-working space and work. Or some go for 5-day fasting or detox course and then come back to work.

I also uncovered four Bitcoin people so far here in Canggu. I was wearing a Bitcoin T-shirt (with super big logo in front) hopeing people will found me! I've thought Bitcoin people are the front runners in the digital nomad lifestyle but when I think about it, they have actually been around for a long time before Bitcoin! What do you think of this kind of life style?


I just love coffee shops in bali, cheap, simple and facinating.
nice post @kkhalid